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Share a shuttle from/to Norfolk airport?

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A friend and his wife are coming into Norfolk airport on Tue. 8/5 at 16:30 for the convention and have arranged for round trip shuttle service to Hampton that day and back on EARLY Sunday morning 8/10 at 0:400. The round trip cost is $128 (equal to rate for all taxis in that area); BUT it will hold up to 4 people and ride sharing is OK! So, IF these times coincide with your arrivals for the show, perhaps you'd like to split the costs? With 2 other people riding with him and his wife, your cost would be only @$30, which is much more affordable for all concerned!


If interested, or you need more info, contact Dave directly (don't email ME) at: greybeard@q.com


Gil :smiley16:

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