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Been to the Testors website lately?


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If you haven't been to the Testors website lately, there have been a few more changes. What kits they have left are almost all pre-painted, snap together or activity models. The "activity" models are nothing more than a selection of four models...two 1/72 aircraft and two 1/32 cars. Each are 'press fit' and come in a box that is complete with 3 bottles of acrylic paint and a brush so you won't need anything else. The fifth member of this group is a 'Heroes of the Sky Gift Set'. For $26 you get both aircraft, six bottles of acrylic paint, three paint brushes, decals and a mixing tray.


Literally the only kit left that is a true model kit is the 1/32nd Kamen Huskie. How long it'll be there is anyone's guess. I'm just glad I have one that hasn't been built yet. I built a lot of Italeri and Testors models for my magazine articles and books during their glory days. Still remember the hobby show where that spectacular 1/48th SR-71 was announced. Considering they had one of the kits professionally built and displayed in a plexiglas case, it really made an impact. I have two of them that have never been built for lack of space.


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