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FS 1960s Aurora Anzio Beach Set

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Someone might be interested in this for nostalgia sake. I have had this gem for a little while and know there is someone out there looking for this.

I did an inventory (from what I was able to find online) and I think most of it is there except for a few tree or landscape bits and maybe a couple of figures. The real gem though are the four historically accurate little tanks.


A Panther



A Sherman


Box is is pretty good shape considering except for this one side which is missing.

Most of it is like this.
$40 + shipping. OBO

Thanks Bryan.

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Do you know what scale it is all in? It does look interesting.


I'm leaving for Florida in a few days (Monday) and will return on May 9th. After I get back, I'll be interested in getting this if nobody else snatches it up before I get back.


I do love how the box top has an M-48 Patton leaving the landing craft to reinforce the Sherman just behind it! :blink: That's worth the cost of admission right there! :smiley20: :D

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As silly as that M-48 is on the box top, that's an M-47 in the box.

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The figures are pretty much 72nd, maybe a little smaller. The Armor was smaller (like the Rat Patrol kit), probably 87th or 100th.


I had both of these sets in my teens and still have the sand dunes and some of the fortifications.

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I had this when I was a kid and loved it! This brings back a lot of good memories. All that remains of mine is the German tank.


Good luck on the sale



Max Bryant

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