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1/25 scale AMT Bulldozer needed for reasonable price.

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The title says it all. I have an article scheduled showing the construction of the AMT bulldozer. I proposed the subject for the simple fact that I built one back in the 70s or so. It was

heavily weathered...including real dirt/mud...and the subject of another article. Since I'd already done an article on it, I figured I could pick up a kit off of ebay for a reasonable

price to do step by step photos, then combine it with new photos of my existing bulldozer.


Foolish me! When I checked ebay...after committing myself...I found prices ranging all the way from $65 - $120 and up. Hopefully one of you happens to have a kit in a beat up

box that I could buy for a reaonable price. Hint: $65 ain't reasonable in this case, considering what the magazine pays. Of course I would certainly mention your name as the



If one of y'all can help me, my direct email is tennexican at gmail dot com.


Richard Marmo

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Hi, Richard,


You are in luck. I have three of these bulldozers all in mint condition in excellent boxes. I am keeping the one that was packaged by AMT along with the Loadcraft Lowboy trailer as a set. For the other two, the original issue kit has the Caterpillar D8H graphics and the correct grille hole spacing and arrangement, but these are peel-and-stick stickers rather than decals. The more recent reissue is a generic "bulldozer" because AMT did not apparently want to pay Caterpillar for the licensing again; this kit is in the shrink wrap unopened and the front grille holes artwork was changed so as not to look like or be called a D8H.


Anyway, I have a set of decals that were custom made for the Caterpillar D8H and for the correct front grille holes for each of these three kits, so a corrected decal will come with the kit. I do not even remember what these cost.


Because it is for a good cause and will be built, I'll let one of the two (your choice) go for $50, including the shipping. PM me if you are interested and with your mailing address. Who can say no to a guy who has IPMS #2?



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