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North Star Models in the Ukraine - a status report

Dick Montgomery

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With the recent troubles in Ukraine, the owner of North Star, Michael "XIII" Neradkov, has been replying to emails regarding the security of NorthStar and their ability to handle incoming orders. Here is Michael's reply:




northstar.pngWe work to ensure your models will be the best! Hello, !
Some of you asks us about status of our Ukraine warehouse - bounding with the last events in this country.

>Are you able to mail out orders in a timely matter? Asking because of status of your government

Our Ukrainian warehouse is working fine in it usually rhythm and sending orders normally to any country.

Also note the we have a head office in Latvia, EU and it is not affected overall.

For some morale improvement - a great news: we have started a 3D printing & scanning service.

Details and photos of new 3D technics here. Feel free to contact me just replying this email.

I'll send additional letter about our newcoming products in the nears time

And - "no word about politics with friends" ©, please.

Best wishes, Michael "XIII" Neradkov

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