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Monogram 1/48 F-8E, converted to a J


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Here’s another 1/48 Monogram F-8E Crusader that I converted to a J model, which I have ugraded over time. I added an aftermarket seat, and an out-of-production flap/droop/underwing bay set by High Flight. I scribed additional panel lines lines on the leading edges to at least suggest the appearance of the extended droops of the J version. The UHT’s (unit horizontal tail) are larger on the J version, but I didn’t correct that (yet!). I also extended the main and nose gear struts to correct the squat stance of the kit parts. Later I scrounged parts from a Hasegawa Crusader kit for the ‘football’ ECM antenna on the tail. I added scrap plastic, rod and wire to busy up the gear wells, and scratch-built steps, boarding ladder, and canopy restraint strap. Monogram molded the tail pipe without an afterburner nozzle, so I used a cut-down section of an exhaust cone from the spares box to simulate it. I used rear view mirrors from an old Model Technologies (remember them?) set, and wire to replace the over-scale plastic pitot probe. The RBF flags are from Eduard, and the Sidewinders are from Hasegawa’s weapons set (which I need to replace with a later variant!).


For markings, I used an old SuperScale sheet to depict the VF-211 CAG jet from USS Hancock circa 1972. The black walkways on the aft fuselage and tail were made using painted clear decal sheet.


Monogram’s Crusader is a great value for the money, with the biggest innaccuracy being the cockpit. It's a few scale inches too wide, giving the canopy and windscreen a flattened appearance when compared to the actual jet. But with a little extra work, it can be buit into a fine model.













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Simply stupendous! Very colorful too!


GIL :smiley16:

Thanks, Gil!

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That is some jaw-droppingly good work! Amazing! You are one incredible Master!

Thanks for the comments, Mark!

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