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Booking Reservations for Red Roof Inn Aug 2014

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If you're planning on reserving a room for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Convention in Hampton VA this Aug, please note the following... for Red Roof Inn Hotel only...You must make your reservation directly with the Hampton Property (757-838-1870) or through their 800 number (1-800-Redroof). The link on our convention web page will not get you the convention rate as we'd been led to believe. Please use the following group code when making the reservations IMPS2014 ... yes the M&P are transposed ... this is unfortuately how Red Roof entered it into their system. I have confirmed that all existing reservations are at the convention rate of $59.99 + tax. If anyone has made a reservation at the Hampton Red Roof and has a higher rate, please let me know directly, please include your confirmation number.

Please note. All reservations must be made No Later Than 1 July 2014 to get the convention rate... after 1 July it will be at the normal seasonal rate.


A change to the Lodging tab on our web page will follow.



Tom Jett

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