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Muddy Stug III Ausf G


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Using this as inspiration:



Somebody needs to tell the crew that they should never let their tank get that dirty.

Pink Foam Mock Up for base.


I'm waiting on more Voyager parts to detail out the roof and misc hardware.


The stowage is a mix of what ever I had. BlackDog resin, Tasca fuel cans, styrene, and epoxy.


The kit zimm was OK but the seam lines on the upper front armor had a nasty seam that needed filling. I created a small tool to match the pattern, patched it up as best I could and then covered it with a tarp.



Still in progress are the tow cables and misc hardware. Realized now I need to add the zimm to the rear lower hull. I also think there is an additional box on top of the larger box. Or, the box has a weid shape.

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Great build so far. You are going to have a lot of fun dirtying this thing up. Must say that is the first time that I have ever seen spare tracks placed along the hull between the road wheels. Clearly show up in the photo. I wonder what would happen if one came loose and got into the tracks?


Chris :Smile_sceptic:

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Chris - The spare track was common in some units. They served dual purpose. First, solved a logistics problem and allowed the crew to fix a broken track. Secondly they offered the crew some protection from direct hits but they also created shot traps. All those tracks added extra weight to a suspension that was already strained so upper brass discouraged the use but the crews felt better with them in place.


Thanks Jim.

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OK. Some progress. The weather has not been cooperating around here but I have been able to squeeze in some time to get some paint on this.
BTW - Tamiya airbrushes just fine at 3C.

White wash has been achieved with the HS technique and then some mapping with acrylics. Some of the contrast was lost with the following filter but I'll bring some of that back up after the wash.





Man, white is difficult to photograph.

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Figures are from PMC Minatures with a Dragon arm swap.




I found this JP from the early 1990s in a box out in the garage. Forgot I had it. At least 22 years separate these two winter finishes. Even then the JP had a crap ton of stowage.


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Here are the results of a weekend's worth of painting. Loader needs a couple of refinements with the skin tone. I am having a hell of a tough time with this one. The facial features aren't the best and I'm just not finding my grove. :| The Komandar turned out a little better. I think he needs a little more dirt on the white uniform.






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