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Blizzardcon 2014 - Columbus, Ohio

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Good Day Folks,

It's the Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter of the IPMS

Aladdin Shrine Center - 3850 Stelzer Road
Columbus Ohio

February, 15 2014

Blizzardcon 2014 Website

If your in the area, and attending, shoot me a PM if you want to meet up


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Blizzardcon '14 is now a memory. Over 480 models in the contest, packed venders, a good raffle and a successful silent auction. Judging went smoothly and was done in plenty of time and none of us heard any complaints and that's a first. So, despite Mother Nature trying to give us a backhanded blow, we persevered and succeeded.


A complete list of winners and photos will be up on our club web site at http://ipmscolumbus.com/galleries in a day or two.


Thanks to all that helped out and made this another success.


Now on to Indy next month!

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