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Maddog Manufacturing 2014 Production Line

Mark Deliduka

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Merry Christmas everyone! For your present, I have a nice long update for you. All of it is armor, except for one spacecraft.

I think I'll start with that. I finally managed to get the decals down on the Finemolds Y-wing fighter. This is probably the only flaw in this whole kit: the decals are extremely fragile. Several did break and even slightly shatter on me. On a kit like this, it don't matter; that just makes it look more like chipped or worn paint. Still, I tried to minimize the breakage as much as possible. If I'd known these were that delicate, I would have added a coat of decal film.

Anyway, here is Gold Leader finally with all his decals on:


Next I'll be glosscoating this and then giving it another wash. After the wash, I'll dullcoat it and call it done.

Now lets get back down to earth...

Next up: the Topol...

I finally got tired of all the crap with this kit and just bulled right through it to get it done. I started by completing all the suspension parts (I found out I'd left off two axles!) and all other underside details. Then I continued by building the driver's cab and adding the fenders to this:


I then built the erector sled onto the back section of the main body. This was a particularly delicate join:


I then glued the rear panel section to the back of this model and tested the positioning of the launch erector sled:


Moving a long, I then built all the side boxes on each side of this monster:



After that, the erector sled broke off. I have since just added it to the rocket tube instead and will install the whole thing when it's time.

Later on, I added all the rest of the details and finished off the crew cabs:



And finally, I completed all the details on the rocket tube itself:


This beastie was now ready for paint.... or so I thought....

When I looked at this later before attempting to paint it; I noticed seams and gaps on the little tower mounts on the cabs and side boxes, as well as sinkholes in the side of the erector sled. So, I filled them with Mr. Surfacer 500, let it dry and then sanded them smooth. Here are all the sink marks on the erector sled that I had to fill in:



Now this thing is ready for paint, so I shot a coat of Dark Green on it:


Next I will try to camouflage this if I can find a decent tan to use. However, after all that, I was so tired of this I set it aside. I moved on to something a bit more simple.

After getting the roof fixed on the Mack Truck, I shot another coat of Olive Drab on it. I saw I needed slightly more work so I went ahead and filled a little more and sanded it smooth. Meanwhile, I also dropped the tailgate so that the FT-17 would be able to fit inside when I get it done. When it was all dry and sanded smooth, I shot a final coat of paint on this little truck and followed it with a glosscoat when the paint was dry. I hope to put some little ropes on the side of that to hold the tailgate:



I then applied the decals:


I did notice that silvering decal after I took the pic so I've already hit it again with some Solvaset to get it to settle down.

This little guy is almost done and ready to take on it's load.

Meanwhile, since I had the airbrush out for this and the Topol, I figured, what else can I paint? Two buses!

Here is the first bus with the first basecoat of Panzer Dunklegelb:


Later on, I tried to apply a camo pattern on it:



I'm not real pleased with this and may just re-shoot this over again. We'll see.

The day before, I had applied some Liquid Mask to the sides and top of my Strassenzepp bus to cover the Chrome silver that I didn't want painted:


After that was dried, I pulled out some Red Metal Flake paint and shot it over the Strassenzepp bus, including the fenders:



It does look a little more burgundy in real life; the pics seem to be making it look real red.
Tomorrow, I hope to shoot a final gloss coat over this to seal it; then remove the masking and move on with this bus. I sure hope it looks good enough to move on with! I would hate it if all that effort was wasted.

Hmmm, after all that, I needed something simple to do. Ah! I pulled out my latest little purchase an ACE British Forlite Staff Car. This was a quick and easy build, although I couldn't understand why it was so lopsided. I had a devil of a time getting the two sides to line up properly. Finally, I just got it to where it looks good enough.

Here is what it looked like after a few hours of fighting it into place. You can see where I still had to shim between the side window frames and the front windshield frame:


After a while, I came back to this to add all the final details before painting this. Then I'll add the windows and close it up for final painting and finishing:



Well, that's about all I have for today. Maybe sometime in the next few days I'll be able to call some of these done. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are welcome.

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Duke: if your local hobby shop carries the Model Master "custom" lacquer car paints, check out "flat fabric tan". To me, it looks just like Radome Tan, but it might be a tan you find useful for your camo. Nice progress!



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Sounds good Gil! Thanks for that tip. I think at least three of the seven LHS around me carry that line. I still have a truckload of paints all over my hobby room I'm going to sift through; if I can't find anything in there, I'll head out and pick some of this color up.

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Well, here I have another update, possibly my last one for this year. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze another one in by tomorrow night.

More excellent progress made, if I do say so myself, especially given the issues I had to deal with. I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel for most of these and it is NOT a train!

Let's start with the Mack truck. Here it is with the decals and a wash on it:


Since that has been taken, I've dullcoated this, added the wheels and dirtied it up a bit. Still looking for some kind of small string to add to the tailgate; otherwise, this one is done.

Next up, I painted the interior of the little Forlite staff car:


Now to add the acetate to the windows so I can close this up. Shouldn't be too long now.

Now for the tough stuff. {deep breath.... and exhale}

I took off the masking on the -zepp. Despite my best efforts as scoring around the edge with a brand new Exacto blade, this turned out to be an unmitigated disaster:



[deep breath....]

I pulled out the paint and a small brush and attempted to touch this up. For the most part, it looks okay. The left side in front of the curve looks like crap, but it's gonna have to stay that way. I have no other idea how to fix it, other than masking again and shooting it, but that ain't gonna happen! That's what caused this problem in the first place. This has been clearcoated now:



Later on, I added the two roof pieces and painted the center luggage section brown. The paint was still wet when I took this pic:


The paint was a bit too diluted so the next coat should look right. Man, I really wanted to make this bus look GOOD! I really tried, using all the most advanced techniques I knew how and I'm still too cursed to complete something with out some glaring issue on it.

Enough of this one, I pulled out the other bus and got to work on it.

Here I added all the extra bits to the outer shell. I also repaired the luggage rack for the twelfth time! You can see here the new camouflage pattern I added to it:



That being done, I went ahead and finished the chassis; adding the interior and the engine to the top:


I finished off this part with all the underside detail parts:


Now all I have to do is detail paint this and then clearcoat it and it'll be ready for decals. Adding the wheels and putting on the body shell will be the last thing I do to finish this off.

[deep breath]

Okay, this Topol finally got a wash after the clearcoat, and I also detail painted the rest of it:


Next, I added the decals to this and just for fun, I snapped all the wheels in place. Here it is so far:


...and with the launch tube:


This thing in the side kept coming off. After all, it was only attached with two small plastic rods; nothing to support it at all. I have no idea what it is, but here you can see the holes I drilled in the chassis and the part in preparation for attaching brass rod to this so that it will stay in place:


Now you can see the part in place and it ain't goin' nowhere!


This monstrosity is now finished. Since the above pics have been taken, I've dullcoated this and lightly 'dusted' it with a dirt brown for some light weathering. Pics will be forthcoming.


Gil, you can see that I didn't camouflage it. I looked at all the little bits and bobs sticking out and decided I didn't want to deal with repairing them after they break while the masking gets put on and later removed. I modulated the color a bit and went on.

So far today, I've finished at least six models. I have at least one more I think I can finish tomorrow so I can get all the pics done then and get them posted for the New Year. Meanwhile, thanks for looking in, comments are always welcome.

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Gil, my final count is way, way down from where it usually is. I only completed 28 total models in 2014. I was going to post a Thread showing them all in a Year in Review, but a past Letter from the Editor in the Journal called such a thing braggadocio, one-upmanship and ego stroking/fishing for compliments and I'm anything but that! I did post such a Thread on several other Forums I frequent as that is the tradition everyone participates in as a reminder of what everyone did over the course of the year. I like it because it reminds me of some of the earlier models from others that were done at the beginning of the year that I'd forgotten about. Sometimes I also see models others did for Group Bui9lds that I never checked in on and never saw.


Anyway, enough rambling... I gotta get started on the New Year Manufacturing Line. :smiley20: Here's hoping that 2015 sees me right back up to my usual completion rate!

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28!!!!! outstanding...i think you produce a very fine model and fine nothing you post to be" braggadocio, one-upmanship and ego stroking/fishing for compliments" i belong to many modeling forums and most have year end in review thread . i see nothing wrong with it and enjoy seeing what other modelers have finished in the course of a year... if i had kept any of the photos of my builds or had a better camera for that matter and could take a decent photo,i'd have join in . nice work mark ..keep it up

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My view is that this is the one time of year where such a post is very appropriate and is simply a "here's my year in review", without any attempt to say how good or bad it is compared to anyone else. Want proof? Go over to Hyperscale's Plastic Pics where this very thing starts right after Christmas and will run through the end of this week, without ANY official direction. People just do it! More importantly, it's yet another chance for others to see a lot of nice builds, including ones they missed earlier in the year. I posted mine a few days ago and my post is already buried 5pgs back!


Never let some "negative nellie" determine your actions. You can never please everyone, and anyone kind find fault in our work IF they're determined to do so. Screw 'em! Have fun, as long as it's never at someone else's expense!


GIL :smiley16:

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Rage on, Duke - as a fellow 1/72 fan who produces at the rate of continental drift I can only stand in awe. Love the TOPOL. The MadDog Production Line is the Hero Modeling Kollektiv of the Soviet Union - maximum production for the Motherland! Not even gonna ask about your five-year plan.

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Thanks for the support guys. I've also seen this done in several other Forums as well. Gill, I'll go looking for your post showing your work; I love looking at your fine masterpieces! After that, I just may post a copy of my Thread here for all to see.


Thanks Bob! LOL! I love the new title! I don't really have a five year plan, but I'll tell you my five month plan: Complete 35 more armor models to bring my count to 700 finished vehicles and then take a pic of the entire lot gathered together in one picture! :smiley20:

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