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An aero-themed auto

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From a Group Build I just finished -- do an auto in an aircraft paint scheme, inspired some real world examples of Mustangs and such in 8AF markings .... There are two similar topics up in the aircraft forum ....


Here was my inspiration; Billy Bishop scored 13 of his 72 kills in this machine while with 85 Sqn in 1918.













Let me first thank Aston Martin for such a great looking automobile and then Matchbox for capturing that car in just a wonderful kit (1/32 Ulster PK-301). Cleanly-molded, well-fitting, almost flash free, and the rubber tires and chrome parts are just excellent.


It is almost OOB except where I grafted on a 1/48 S.E.5a radiator, which in retrospect I really didn't need to do to capture the SE5a look .... Over-painting the chromed kit radiator in PC-10 would have been good enough. Oh, yes, some Eduard 1/48 WW1 seat belts also. The stitching (Eduard again) wasn't part of the original plan, but came to me in a vision while in a long meeting one day ....


The paints are Mister Kit acrylics, very popular among WW1 aircraft modelers. I did two coats of Future before the decals, then two coats of Humbrol gloss clear afterwards - all brushed. Details are in various Vallejo acrylics. I think the only enamel is the Model Master Chrome Silver on the hubs - for some reason these were not chromed parts in the kit, I guess my only (very minor) criticism.


After I put on the "tail markings", I began to wish I were artistic enough to have made them sweep back from just behind the cockpit, but it's probably better that I didn't try .... Wouldn't have been any place for the big "Z" ....


I forgot to photo it, but if you look underneath, you might see the underside is in CDL - details count.


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It' is nice to see a bit of fun and humour in the hobby.......Makes a change from the rivet counting.

I built an Airfix Wallace and Grommit Austin Van for Telford 2013 that a lot of the optional custom bits from a 1/12th scale Monogram 57 Chevy on it. The model was done to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of IPMS in the UK. Had a lot of fun doing it, and I was able to try out different techniques that were new to me without having to worry about accuracy, colour, correct decals etc.

That's the good thing about doing something a bit off the wall occassionally.

It allows your own creativity to run riot without some nit picker looking over your shoulder.

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