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Here is a new figure from a new company, Shamrock Miniatures, title (redundantly) Irish Leprechaun.

He’s listed as 1/35 and comes to chest height on a normal 1/35 figure. He’s cast in resin with the body from neck down as one piece. The head is separate. The base has a small log behind the position for the figure. There are three resin mushrooms which can be placed anywhere. He is carrying a shillelagh but the back part of the handle was lost so I replaced it with plastic rod. In presenting him, I wanted a pot of gold. Lacking a pot, I found an old Historex pitcher and cut it down and drilled it out. The gold coins were cut from a 1mm plastic rod and dropped into the pot. Thanks to our friend, Mr. Static Electricity, this was harder than expected. The coins were fixed into the pot with a small drop of AK Interactive pigment fixer. The ground work is Silfor tufts over Celluclay. The base is from Birch Tree Enterprises. He is painted in Vallejo Acrylics.

I got him from Sentinel Miniatures at Baycon just over a week ago.

















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Hi, Al,


Ugly face expertly painted. The green jacket looks quite real (as does the rest of his clothing). You did very well with the placement of the grass materials to create your field base; it doesn't seem like a bunch of mini-stalks looking like a bad hair transplant. Great job! :smiley31:



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