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1/48 P-35, Phillipines defender, January 1942

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Built this one for the "History's Rejects" group build below. Selected this Hobbycraft gem because of its simplicity and because the P-35 got its behind kicked by the Japanese, being not only outclassed but obsolete by then. In fact, it really only had a window of relevance for about 2yrs in the late 30's, being replaced by better low wing monoplanes like the P-36 and P-40B not very long after it became operational.








I added some Hodgepodge pe belts to the seat, a Quick Boost resin N-3a gunsight, and a few pe doo-dads to the interior. On the outside I added colored plastic for the wing tip lights, Quick Boost resin gun barrels in the wings, and vacuformed a new sliding canopy section. Typical 1942 scheme of OD green over Neutral Gray, post shaded with lightened versions of the base colors. The panel lines were done in pencil and more weathering and shading added with chalks. The #25s and the wing walk stripes are from the kit, but the stars are Experts Choice (red dot already in the center!) and the US Army on the bottom was replaced with dry transfer lettering after the kit decals silvered badly.


All in all, this was a fun, fast build; making 5 models completed in the last 3 months! :smiley20:


GIL :smiley16:

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