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Dick Montgomery

Building A Display Case For The Hms Hood

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I completed an OOB build of the Trumpeter HMS Hood for an IPMS Review submission some time ago. Now that I am about to add some photo etch to the model I thought it wise to put it under cover. I learned how to build inexpensive display cases out of scrap acrylic some years ago and have quite a number of them in the War Room. The process is not difficult, and with the proper tools (a high quality table saw is important) which I, unfortunately do not have, one could build these cases at a "professional" level and at very low cost. I purchase the acrylic sheet pieces from a local plastic supply business at 50 cents per pound and this particular case weighs less than two pounds. The acrylic sheet is 3/16 thick so its strong and solid. Using a jig saw to cut the pieces to size took about an hour. Assembly of the case (its like building a model!) took another 2 hours, mostly letting the adhesive dry.

After cutting the wood base to fit the size of the case (don't do it the other way around.....) and then attaching some inexpensive wood trim to the base, today I applied the first layer of Medium Gel simulating the ocean surface. By this evening I'll have some color on the "waves" and over the next few days I'll add some ocean spray and more color.

I'm not that skilled in this technique but if I can get decent results so can you.

If you wish to see some pics "in progress" please go here: Visit My Website Its a Photobucket album of four pics.

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