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Most of mine fall into the category of stuff that OTHER modelers wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole....vacs, resin kits, and moldy oldies from Aurora and such. I'll only post the ones that put up a significant fight, since my standards for a "sows ear" are so much lower to begin with! :smiley2:


Considering I started with this:


The ID 1/48 vac P-3C Orion qualifies...




This 1/32 F-84E is also an ID vac, requiring almost as much work (though a much older build)



Although I screwed the pooch on final alignment, considering I had to make a jig and heat bend the one piece, straight resin tracks, and build this kit without instructions (just an exploded view) or much reference; I felt I "tamed" this 1/48 M-16 all resin pig!



Ancient 1/48 Aurora Sopwith Triplane, with scratch built interior and corrected fuselage bottom



1/32 all resin CollectAire T-28C Trojan. Besides scratch building almost everything, the main wing (solid, tip to tip) had to be broken, heated, and bent to add the proper dihedral!



The 1/48 Czech Models F3D Skynight, which has a deserved reputation as a dog. The intakes don't just bark, they bite! I built this on commission.



The first Skynight was so bad that I opted to build THIS one for myself: the 1/48 vacuform from Golden Wings. It was NO harder, and many ways easier since I controlled most of the engineering of the build, though most all of the details and the wing fold were scratched!



This a conversion of the 1/48 Monogram -5 Panther to a -6 Cougar. I've (thankfully) forgotten who's resin I used, but it was SO bad that the intakes had been molded solid, and had to be routed out with a motor tool! I chose to do a "six" with the regular nose due to the supplied small wing and in the hope that a -8 (larger wing and bulged nose) will be the most likely release in 1/48, if it ever does get done.



This is an A-5A Vigilante bomber, converted from the CollectAire resin RA-5C. It took a TON of grinding on the spine and the tail cone to make the backdate.



Another resin kit, I got this 1/48 S2F Tracker as a started model. I had to break the tail fin to correct a bad warpage, as well as breaking both assembled nacelles since they'd had the wrong halves glued together! THEN, I could start the build, fold the wings, and detail it. I also recall having to order another set of decals as the first ones shattered! It also had to be rebuilt a SECOND time, after it was broken in shipping it to the client!



This 1/32 F-86D Saberdog is a vac conversion from the Hasagawa F-86F. As I recall, I had to split the Has. windscreen in half, widen it with strip plastic to fit the new fuselage, and then vac a new copy from that "mold". Besides the cockpit work, where a main panel with a scope had to be made, it also required cutting up the kit canopy to convert it to the clamshell configuration.


There's many more vacs and resin kits I could post (that others consider sows ears), but since they came with interiors and detail parts, and pretty much went together as I expected, I don't consider them as anything but exercises in model building.


Also, like Duke, I consider these to be anything but silk purses! They're more aptly tributes to persistence! Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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To paraphrase President John F. Kennedy (when announcing the decision to send men to the Moon and bring them back safely):


"We choose to build these models not because they are easy, but because they are hard."


Gil, well done on yours.



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I don't know Gil, these sure look like Masterpieces to me. I'm not quite as skilled as you are, I certainly can't make any of these look as good as you have! After all, mine are built..... yours are built VERY WELL!

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