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Photo Backdrop


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While not a model, it is plastic. :smiley8:


This is a stand I made so I could have a nice, consistent and seamless backdrop for taking pictures of models. Cost less than $10 for materials, less than $20 even with the paper roll. It's made out of 3/4" PVC pipe and fittings, and is easily broken down for storage. If I ever need to change the size - make it taller, narrower, etc. all I'll need to do is change the length of the pipe.


The paper is from a local art supply store. It's blue on one side, white on the other so I can vary the look of the background. It's also available in other colors. If anyone wants a list of the components, let me know.


This stand is 42" wide by around 22" tall.






Here's a couple shots using the backdrop, just using available lighting:






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