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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Those look fantastic Kevin. I'm especially eager to see the Princess Leia.


Here's what I just got in from Hannants recently:



The second one is the one I wanted but the amount was too small for international shipping so I got the ACE kit. That is still a good thing; it was on my list as well, just lower down.

The Terminator has already been started. Once I can upload pics again, I'll show my latest progress.

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I clicked on Dragon USA's Labor Day sale and saw their M60A2 at a deep discount. After 38% discount, it was under $20 and just under $28 delivered. There have been a lot of gripes with the kit, but the price was right.

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Excellent score Robin! Congrats!

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Well, after a successful Orangecon and a fun Mini Wars convention, I managed to pic up a few new kits.

First off at Mini Wars, I picked up these two helicopters:


I plan on making one German and then making the other one a US army troop carrier. I might even try to add door guns to this if I can find the M-60 machine guns I have somewhere....

At Orangecon, someone left this behind and since I found it, they gave it to me:


Now to figure out what to display on it....

I also found this to purchase:


Finally, these are the two raffle prizes I picked up at Orangecon:


This was one of seven Grand Prizes:


That's all I have for now. Time to head back to the manufacturing plant....

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Well, I'm about a week or so late but I haven't had time to log in and post these earlier. These are my latest acquisitions from about a week or two ago.

First off are a bunch of paints, thinner and filler I got. There was a sale, and I did need a lot of green for my latest eight-wheeled Russian trucks:


Next are two models that I had on my list to get. First was Zvezda's T-15 Armata, the APC version of the T-14 Armata tank:


Once that is built; I'll have both Armatas in my Russian Army.

Next is a T-55 from Revell; this one with the cheek armor. I want to research this to see if these tanks were still in service in the East German Army during the reunification. If so, I want to make it with west German markings. Otherwise, it'll be Russian:


Finally this last one was bought from a friend. No, it is not in my preferred scale, but I got it to build for my SoCal AMPS club's Patton Group Build. Everyone is building Pattons for the next west coast Nationals and since the M-48 is my favorite tank, I'm gonna join the group build with this model:


Oh, I also got a Gotha Go-242 transport from another friend who was selling it but I didn't shoot any pic of it. Maybe I'll post that one later.

Thanks for looking in, I've been pretty busy in the Hobby Room so feel free to check out my Maddog Manufacturing.

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