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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Very cool Mark. I never saw that M992 before. But then again my son is much more versed in armor than I am. But I'm looking fwd to see what you do with them.

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Just got the Tamiya engraving set.  Stupid expensive at $30.00 a blade, but far and away the best panel line engraver I own and that is saying a lot.  I have a drawer full of panel line scribes. The difference is that these give you a flat bottom with square sides and no ridges on the top.  They are so expensive because they are tungsten carbide  and are very sharp.  Don't bother buying the special handle for them.  They fit in a pin vice with the proper collet.  I use my large Tamiya pin vice and really like it because it  has a decent diameter and with the knurling it is easy to control the angle of the blade.   As to the cost, well they are $30 from Tamiya but if you shop around and buy them all together(so you only pay one shipping fee) and they can be had for less than half that.  Oh and although my photo shows all 4 blades they are only sold individually and each one comes with the case for all of them.  Not sure why but that is the way it is. 

Item image

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22 hours ago, ewahl said:

Hi, Mark,

With the above photo of your three M992A1 kits, were we just treated to a glimpse of your usually unseen work area in the background?


Yes you have. And what an incredible mess it is right now too. LOL!

Kevin, I never even knew they had come out with the M-992's myself. I found them while shopping for the M-109A2. I figured, why not?

Pete, that is an amazing set. Congrats on scoring that one.

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Sorry no one replied Rusty. I don't know myself. However, I did manage to pick up a few things at Orangecon.

Here's my purchases and raffle prizes from Orangecon:

Paints I purchased, $2.00 for the larger bottles $1.00 FOR THE SMALLER ONES:


Raffle prizes.....

Eagles Illustrated book:


Hobby Boss 1/350 scale DKM U-Boat:


Airfix 1/72 scale Folland Gnat:


And the one I was most thrilled to have won: a Space 1999 Hawk Mark IX:


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On 9/5/2018 at 12:48 PM, Rusty White said:

Does anyone know of any company selling the Tamiya Engraving Tools in the full set?

Sorry 'bout that. I never got the usual notice when someone writes to my topics I'm following. I check both of my "go to" places - Megahobby and HLJ, and neither one sells them by the set - all individual. But HLJ is selling them at cheaper...

https://hlj.com/search/go?ts=custom&w=Tamiya engraving set

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Oh, here is my latest that I managed to get from the Antelope Valley contest a few weeks ago.

I purchased these books:

This one on Soviet and Russian ballistic missiles since I have an Iskandr to build:


Another book on Russian vehicles, this one is on Russian T-64 and T-80 tanks since I need to figure out the differences among them. This will help when I get more Modelcollect T-64 tanks:


Another Russian tank book on the T-80. More detailed and will really help with more of the Modecollect T-80 kits:


Finally, this book on German Armored Trains. I have this book already only it was printed in Polish so I couldn't read it. Now I have the English language version here:



Now here are the two kits I got from Antelope Valley. This first one was a purchase. Now I can do two B-2 Stealth Bombers; one with kit decals and one with the Nationals decals:


And this was my one and only raffle prize. I'm going to enjoy this one! It even comes with a bonus backdrop display:



Last bit not least; I got this as a prize at my church festival at the beginning of October from one of their festival games. I had packed it away and forgot about it until recently:


That's all I got so far. Christmas is coming though...


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It was a great Christmas for me this year, mostly due to the money and gift card I got. I went shopping the day after Christmas and got these:

Paints, glues and decal set:


I got multiples since I need to stock up in my travel toolbox too.

And now for the models. I didn't get the top two selections on my list, but I did get some excellent selections...

But first, a Secret Santa sent me something from another Forums that I frequent. It was very unexpected as we hadn't set up a gift exchange:


Inside was this old "classic"!


The models I picked up are here:

IBG Japanese Chi Nu Medium tank:


That might be the first to start in 2019...

Another Riich Models M-109A2 so I can make it either British or Italian, whichever this vehicle fits better for:


Since I have a Russian T-35, I figured I'd get this Trumpeter T-28 to go with it:


And then I got some farm animals from Pegasus to feed my crew fresh milk and eggs:


I had also gotten the Pegasus Hobbies Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but the camera wouldn't focus on the box so you'll just have to look that one up to see what it looks like. I'd been wanting that for awhile, it was time to pick it up.

Finally, while it isn't quite model related, it does touch on modeling to some degree. This was my wife's present to me and herself:


Hey, there are a lot of war movies and historical documentaries I can watch on that!

Okay, that was my Christmas acquisitions. Merry Christmas to me!

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Anyway, here is my last acquisition I got last year as a Christmas gift to myself. I didn't post it above because for some reason the camera could not focus on the box and all my pics were blurry. This time, after considerable effort; I have a pic to show:


I had wanted that since it came out. I figured it was time since I had Christmas money to burn. I hope to get started on it this year.

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Christmas was pretty mellow.

My Sekrit Santaski got me a Bandai General Grievous (which I had just picked up on a half price sale so now have one to sell).

My son bought me a record player so now I can actually play all those records I bought back in the 80s.

And to round it out my daughter bought me some slippers.

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I picked up the Trumpy SA-4 Ganef kit from Squadron as a "Hey, I didn't run anyone through a wood chipper over the holidays!" present!


When I was a SigInt puke back in the late '80s to early '90s we used to call these things "Volkswagen Launchers".

My wife ordered me something else from Squadron that was supposed to be for Christmas but it turns out will be for my birthday on Jan 8.  Still no clue as to what it is!  😄

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Thanks Gil! It was a good Christmas.

Phil, sounds like you scored pretty well too.

Richard, that is awesome! I am still hoping someone releases one of those in 1/72 scale plastic.

Dave that ain't enough man! You need to go shopping for more LOL!

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Okay, this is gonna be a long one as my second-to-last Christmas order just came in. I have one more coming, and then I'm done for the year unless I get some raffle prizes or something. Also, disregard the prices on the boxes of some of them; I got these for half or more as part of my Christmas order. Otherwise I never would have bought them.

Oh, speaking of raffle prizes, I'll start with those from my IPMS meeting...

First up was this Evergreen and Plastruct set of styrene with instruction booklets/catalogs:


It also included strip and rod pieces as well:


I also won a Tamiya boxing of the Italeri F-14 Tomcat in 1/72 scale:


I then purchased this Renwal kit of Fabulous Flying Machines from a friend and fellow modeler. It's all plastic inside, but includes tissue paper inside for the "fabric" wings:



At the Spruefest contest, I dropped all my raffle tickets into the Miscellaneous draw hoping to pick up tools and/or paints. Instead, I got these two cars from Tamiya. On this first pic, for some reason; it did not finish the picture. The bottom of the box has shots of the sprues inside as well as logo, etc.:


Here is the second car I won:


I'm taking offers for these, but no lower than $25.00 on the Nissan and $50.00 on the Ferrari.

Moving on, here is the other acquisition I got at Spruefest during their show sale that I didn't post earlier:

Modelcollect M1001 tractor pulling the Pershing II. Now I have both of these Pershing II tractors:


And now for my Christmas acquisitions...

First are these four models from ACE:

Italian 508-CM Colonial light car:


Italian Trattore Autocar Sahariana AS.37:


Type 770 Tourenwagen:


Type 770 Cabriolet F:


From IBG, I picked up four more. This included a "Holy Grail" of sorts; one model I hadn't been able to find anywhere before this....

Chevrolet Wrecker:


Diamond T Wrecker (YAY! FINALLY!)


Next are two Hungarian Zrinyi II 105mm assault guns:


...and another one with skirts:


I actually got that second one because I thought it was a different variant. It's not, it only has added skirts. Oh well, I'm gonna build it anyway.....

Moving on again, I got two Riich Models M-109A6 Paladins. I'm hoping to make to make one of them Israeli if the modifications aren't beyond my abilities:


Another modern vehicle I got was this T-Model uparmored M-1114 Humvee:


I also got this modern A&A Models Russian aircraft rescue and firefighting truck:


And last but not least, I have this Hobby Boss Armored Train Car Geschutzwagen for my Br-57 armored engine:


That's all for now. That should keep me busy for a few weeks at least.

Thanks for looking in. Stay tuned, some of these will be introduced to my factory floor fairly soon.


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That's a lot of swag Duke!

I managed to pick up one of my "holy grail" kits last week...The resin CollectAire 1/48 FH-1 Phantom. Although I didn't get a bargain, the price was surprisingly reasonable and near the original cost; which was nice since it's l-o-n-g out of production, and the ONLY one in 1/48 (except for an even more obscure and impossible to find vac).


It's nicely molded with hollow castings for the fuselage and wings, and also has the option of folding the wings. This one may get built for the 'Nooga Nats! 


GIL :cool:

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My holy grail model would be to obtain a Renwall Virgil Exner Bugatti 101 from their Revivals Range to build or restore. Even if I can get a built one that has seen better days I would like one to restore and give to the Bugatti Trust Museum for permanent display here in the UK. If anyone has one and can help please get in touch through the forum messaging service. Thanks.

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WOW! Everyone's got some nice scores!

I've been a good boy since X-mas (but I do have a few parcels coming...) 😉

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My packages seemed to all come in on the same day . The only one I didn't take a pic of is a 1:6 dio kit called "Good Grief"  It's an adult Charlie Brown with a mangy Snoopy set in a post apocalyptic world. weird I know. 😄

Here are the others -


Scene from the original Omen


This is Nosferagalactu. A  vampire from the Future


This is a more accurate replacement head for the Moebius Models' Frankenstein styrene kit.

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