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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Jim and Kevin, excellent scores! Those are going to look great when done.


I actually finally have something to post here. I got these raffle prizes from the Pasadena Valleycon model contest. I also won two other prizes but gave them away to a couple other guys:


The Spitfire has since been given to a friend who needed it. The Tamiya SAS Jeep model is up for sale since it is not my chosen scale. The white thing at the bottom is a set of 1/72 scale resin bases from Monroe Perdu. I'm going to be painting them up and using them as photo bases for some of my finished 1/72 scale armor models in the future.

Some weeks before that, I received this gift from a friend of mine:


I'll be building that for a Twin Props Group Build on another Forums.

That's all I got until my Hobbylink Japan order comes in. I have three birthday presents on the way from them too.

Stay tuned for more....


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I agree Jim, it does look most interesting.


Hey Ed, remember when that C-54 jumped out at you in the hobby shop? Well, on Friday at Hobby Day my friend Tony drove me down to our local Hobby Shop and he got me this model for my birthday:


While we were there, I had a little extra birthday money so I picked up these two IBG kits of two different versions of the Hungarian Toldi tank:


I am stunned at the interior detail of the C-54! That one will wait a bit until I finish a few more models so I can focus more intently on it. However, I can't wait to start digging into those two Toldis.

Stay tuned, more to come at Maddog Manufacturing....

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Hi, Mark,


Yes, after sneaking into the house so my wife would not see the C-54 kit in my work area, it went into hiding. I have yet to find it behind all the other kits I have started and that remain unfinished. Many of those will have to come first before it sees daylight.


Happy birthday (belated). Your gift was indeed appropriate for you.



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LOL Ed! I just left my C54 out where my wife couldn't help but see it.She never said a word....


Mine will take awhile to see the light of day too; I just need to finish up several other large aircraft before I can start this one.


Okay, here's my latest and final birthday purchase finally arrived from Hobbylink Japan:


I got two of the Heller kits so I could make one tank French and the other either Egyptian or Israeli. I might even use the turret from the one kit and add it to a Sherman hull to make the Egyptian hybrid. I don't know yet. I do know I need to source some new tracks though; this one has the typical Heller craptastic tracks.

The other two Modelcollects just might be started fairly soon when I complete some more armor kits.

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Man.............you guys with all this 1/72nd scale stuff!!! There aint no way.....no way.......... I could do any of that. I'd have headaches for days trying to strain to see it to work with it. LOL.


Nice hauls fellas! :smiley16:

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.All this stuff will be showing up in my '54 Chevy Panel Wagon thread. I was up in San Antonio a couple of weekends ago and of course I ended up in a Hobby Shop and I couldn't resist getting some goodies for my current build.


Can't do without a dash tachometer for it...


a few goodies for the engine detail...


I could have bought some of this from a fabric store but what tha hell? Some seat belt fabric..


and while we're at it, some seat belt buckles....


a little braided fuel line to go with the dual quads.......


and this by far is my favorite. A set of Tasmanian Devil Floor Mats . I just couldn't help myself..sorry%20bout%20dat_zps1nny96hw.gifI just had to get these!


and I just couldn't resist this either......Anodized fittings for the carburetor fuel feed lines that I ordered from RB Motion:



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That's pretty cool, although she's courting disaster being barefoot on a jobsite! That's gonna rock.


Here's three of the latest kits I picked up.

1/72 scale Modelcollect T-90MS tank:


1/72 scale Roden Ludwig Areo Bus:


1/72 scale Roden VOMAG Omnibus 7:


Two of these have already been started. Feel free to check them out in my post under "Maddog Manufacturing".

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Well, it's been a couple days since I returned from the IPMS San Diego model contest. I had a great day there, coming home with a sizable haul from the raffle and vendors, as well as a Third Place. You can see that in the Trophy Case.

For now, here's what I brought back home from San Diego:

These first two are two ships that I purchased:


I also purchased these two aircraft. This first one is going to be a commission build for a friend of mine:


This next one I'm going to build when I'm ready to build the rest of my seaplanes all at once:


Now I'll show a mix of purchases and raffle prizes. These three books are my latest additions to the library. The top book is a purchase, the other two are raffle prizes:


These are all tools I purchased...


...while these tools and sets are all raffle prizes, except for the loose paint jars. I bought them for 25 cents a piece:


These next two are armor models i got. I purchased the Dragon kit on the bottom, the other was a raffle prize:


The rest of these are raffle prizes:




A lot of these will be going on the sale pile; all my purchases I intend to build. You may see some of them fairly soon on the Maddog manufacturing Factory Floor.

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I finally found an item I've been looking for for several years. It is the long out-of-production Eduard PE set for the 1/48 scale ex-Bandai (now Frog/Fuman) Valentine Mk II. Someone was selling it on eBay as the 1/35 scale set #35108 for the old Alan (and re-boxed by Dragon) kit, but listed it as the 1/48 scale set 28003. They even went as far as photographing the PE frets from the back side so you couldn't see the engraved fret number (the 28xxx series is used by Eduard for their 1/48 scale armor series).


Eduard did four PE sets for the ex-Bandai kits. 28001 was for the Willys Jeep, 28002 for the M4A3(76), and 28004 for the T-34/76. Still looking for the last one.



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I built this assault carrier as a kid. I loved that it came with little tanks. It was probably one of my three favorite ship kits. Number one was the Aurora (later Monogram) Skipjack sub, a monogram destroyer and the Tarawa.

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Yeah, I remember that too. I also built one at least a couple decades ago myself. I'll be adding that one to my sale pile.


Congrats on the P/E score too. I do hope you can find the last one.

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Looks like you made quite a snag at that model show. Quite a nice selection of tools you picked up as well. I also like that you got a couple more busses for your collection. Very cool my friend.



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Then I'm good to go! I seldom buy kits anymore since my stash is .............ah.................plentiful. But I do need the paint, glue, and tools!

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It's been a busy month or so for my wallet ...

first is the new Badger primers called Stynylrez primers. Guys are raving about it on You Tube build videos -



As far as kits I got a few busts from the Czech Co., 2dreamers. One is Gagarin, and the other Alexi Leonov -






The next two is from Gillman Productions - Boris Karloff playing Ardeth Bay in The Mummy.



And Fredric March's version of Mr. Hyde -


(sorry for the crappy focus)

Then there's a few mini busts done by John Dennett of Moondevil Studios. He has 20 of them now, and I picked up the 3 circled in the first row. The ones circled in purple are previous buys -




Then sort of still in the Christmas spirit, I picked up Krampus from Aradia miniatures -






Moving to vehicle kits, I picked up John Crichton's craft from Farscape from the SSM Store -




then moving to Yamato 2199 I picked up another ship from the fleet -




Finally is one of the new Bandai kits, Star Wars' A Wing -




I better get busy building! :D

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