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Region IV WrightTreat 14 model retreat announcement.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wanted to invite the Region IV IPMS clubs (or any other regional club member) to join the Wright Field Scale Modelers in WrightTreat 2014. This is our 2nd annual modeling retreat held at the Hope Hotel and Conference center. (Same location as the IPMS region IV 2012 / 2013 events.) Last years WrightTreat two day dry run was enjoyed by all 22 members and the feedback from our membership was to (A:) add one more day and (B:) add more people. They asked, and I answered!

Now, here are the details...

The retreat will be held 17, 18 and 19 January 2014. Simple enough.

I would like for you to help us by please filling out a simple online survey to help us get an idea of what you think of the whole retreat idea. You will NOT be obligated to attend based on the survey. (The survey link is at the bottom of this email.) Registration information is also at the bottom of the email.

What is a modeling retreat?

A modeling retreat is a great excuse to get together with other modelers and spend three days in January building, talking, eating and possibly learning a new modeling technique or two.

What do I need to bring? Bring a model or models that you are working on and some tools to build with.

Can I airbrush at the retreat? Of course, but please no enamels or lacquer based paints! We will have a couple of spaces to the end of the room set up for airbrushing. Again, ACRYLICS ONLY!!!!! and bring along an airbrush with hoses. You may want to bring along your own air source as well.

Can I bring stuff to sell???? YES!!!! We encourage it!!! *space details below!

Can I work on the 1/200 scale Arizona Battle wagon? Again yes, we can accommodate large models *look at the space details below.

Can I work around the clock from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon? Yes, and good luck to you. I applaud you, your a better man than I, Gunga Din. Last year us old timers started about 9am and called it a night at 11pm. The room will be locked after hours if no one is present.

What about food? Well, on site is the nearly world famous Packy's sports bar / restaurant. You may eat there or bring your meal back to your work area. Another option is to eat off site at one of our many local restaurants. Unfortunately outside food is not permitted in the conference center.

Can I bring my own table top work light? YES!!! just don't forget those pesky extension cords though.

What about additional entertainment??? Of course. I will bring a 36" flat screen TV, Blu-ray / DVD player and some movies. (Family Friendly movies only!) Feel free to bring some along as well.

Can we have a group build? Well funny you should ask. Last year a three members participated in a two day Tamiya 1/48 armor challenge build. These members cracked open the boxes on Friday morning and walked away Saturday evening with completed models. We plan on doing the same this year. Bring along your a 1/48 armor piece (any manufacture) and join in on the fun. Tamiya kits typically build pretty well though. ;-)

How much space will I have to build? Each person will be allotted 1/2 of a standard eight foot rectangular table. (8' x 30") If you want to build that 7' long Arizona or set up a bunch of kits to sell, you will need to purchase an additional modeling space or two depending on your requirements. Unless your selling kits one space should be sufficient.

WOW!!! This sounds great. What is all this going to cost me? The simple answer is that for the retreat it will cost $10 per space and that covers all the three days. (Sorry, but the fee is non-refundable.) Lodging is NOT included in the $10 registration cost, but we have a block of rooms reserved at the Hope Hotel. Lodging is $73 per night on site and please use the code IPMS.

Can I commute each day?

You bet you can!

Can I attend just the one or two days? Sure, the price is still the same though. We have kept the admission price low so on the odd chance we have a monumental blizzard, and you are unable to make the retreat the fee will not put a big dent in the old wallet. I would however suggest that you call and cancel your motel reservations if you can't make it to the retreat.

When and where can I sign up? Visit our WFSM website here: http://www.ipmsdayton.com/wrighttreat/ . You can sign up and pay online (with paypal) or print out the registration form and send it in with a check. Your choice, whatever is easier.

Please take our retreat survey.

Please take our survey located here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3KF8GSM

Contact Information

Please contact me if you have ANY questions about our retreat or you would rather not use the online survey.

David Wrinkle WFSM retreat coordinator

phone: 937-532-6970 between 5pm - 9pm weekdays or 9am to 9pm weekends.

Thank you


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