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DML M4A3E8 76 (W) Sherman 1/35 Scale


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If you were at the Nationals you might have seen this in that sea of armor. This is my old DML M4A3E8 kit, I added a modified Italeri T23 turret, On the Mark PE, Archer casting marks, Trumpeter T66 track, and some scratch built cement armor.













Before paint






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I did see this! Great job! How did you do the cement armor? That looks so realistic under that paint.

Well Mark, first I made some boxes out of styrene sheet, I then covered them with A+B putty. I then worked the sides with a 2 inch by 4 inch piece of .40 styrene (scrap). for hte top part of the cement I used a piece of broke cement from a curb by the house.

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If you don't mind me asking what may be a stupid question ... what's wrong with the DML turret compared to Italeri's? My question is relevant, as I have a Dragon Easy 8 on the bench ;)

Just an educated guess, but the DML turret has the small oval loader's hatch and the Italeri turret has the relocated former TC split hatch. Perhaps the tank he wanted to replicate had the Italeri configuration and not the DML configuration?


The "meat" of the original DML M4A3 HVSS kits are the Italeri kit anyway so they are compatible. That is if you have either the DML Rice's Red Devil #9009 or DML M4A3(76)W HVSS WWII #9010. Those two kits are the Italeri M4A2* Jumbo kit #253 with a new turret and HVSS suspension.


*yes, the kit is mislabeled and is really an M4A3(76)W VVSS and not an M4A2 Jumbo.

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Ah, that's almost an entirely different kit than the original DML HVSS Shermans, 9009 & 9010. The only sprues that carried over were the Cx4 and Cx2 suspension sprues. But the difference between the turret loader's hatch still remains.

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