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F-16 photo gallery nearly ready


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Hi all,

Just a heads up to let you know that a photo gallery disc on the F-16 will soon be available from Scale Publications, probably within the next two to three months. Assuming I don't melt from the current heat wave here in Texas. The disc will contain well over 900 photos and better than 5,000 navigation hotlinks. All photos are captioned. Coverage starts with the Design Concepts and goes all the way thru to the Thunderbirds. Along the way you'll find coverage on the F-16XL, F-16I, Mitsubishi F-2 and the various experimentals, including the little known tailess version of the F-16XL.

The disc will be available as a data DVD (too much data for a CD-ROM)and possibly as a downloadable .ISO so you can burn your own disc. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who would be interested in the disc. I'll keep your email address on file and let you know when the disc is ready.

Richard Marmo

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