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New laser cut wood parts for autos

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We've just started a new line of accessories from TSP. We started with Monograms Ford Woody street rod kit. The parts are laser cut and engraved replacement parts for the 'wood' of the kit. hope you like em, and thanks for looking.




Next in line is the bed liner for Lindbergs 34 Ford pickup. We offer these in bamboo or basswood (see comparison photo). 1 set includes the liner of your choice, and 5 channel strips,which,once chromed (Bare Metal Foil) it will look super..no more masking!


and dont forget the stake bed


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Nothing looks more like wood than....Wood!

Lasering certainly enables ultra thin stuff like veneers etc to be cut with ease.

I used to have access to a laser at the college where I worked and it was brilliant for cutting and etching designs onto wood.

Also great for cutting perspex, but not so good on sheet polystyrene except very thin stuff. The heat of the laser leaves a build up around the edges.

Just out of interest, there is thin plywood that is actually made for lasering. The bonding layers do not give off so much black carbon as ordinary plywood.

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not very deep, as you can see in the photos its just at the surface. I dont char the edges like some do..I try to use less power with more passes to cut vs high power for quicker time. if your staining these though, its not really necessary to sand the edges, since staining blends that in anyway.

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