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......Command and Service Module) found that the SM assembly sequence to be screwed up? They do not tell you the (correct) orientation of part E8 and part C5 will not fit as it is designed. If you plan on installing the CM you must insert it (part C5) inverted with the center post up. and it wont fit as it is designed with out removing the tab, for which they don't tell you about! I installed part E8 upside down ans it would not let you install part E1 due to the notches in the end of the part. Install it with the punch out marks facing outwards! If you install part C5 as per directions you must install it on top of part E$ that shows a non-existent notch for the tab on the bottom of part C5. But this gives you no definitive alignment for attaching the CM. There is a hole in the heat shield of the CM that aligns with a post on the "back side" of part C5. But they don't show you that in the instructions!

OK Rant mode off.......

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