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The Tale of Two Dust Colors From Testors


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Hi all,


For those of you who rely on Floquil Dust, you may find the following to be of particular interest. Remember that I called Testors and was told that Dust would remain but be available under the CreateFX line of new paints they are creating. I checked out the descriptions on their website for both Floquil Dust and CreateFX 'Dust' and from what I can determine...they ain't the same. I've reproduced the descriptions below, taken directly from their website, so you can reach your own conclusions.


Floquil Dust:


Floquil Classic Railroad enamels are authentically matched to real color samples provided by some of the best known and historic railroads in North America. Floquil railroad enamels dry to a permanent durable finish on plastic, resin, wood and metal models and can be applied by brush or airbrush.


* Mixture ration = 3 parts paint to 1 part thinner

* Compressor regulator setting = 16 - 18 PSI


Dust is used to slightly dull a finish when weathering your project. The consistency is much thinner than regular enamel paint, more like a wash.



Now for CreateFX. All I can say is read it and weep.



CreateFX is a new product line that creates detail while educating, inspiring and driving innovation into schools, clubs, crafts and hobby projects.


CreateFX (F) Dust Enamel is fast drying, easy to apply and can be used on many kinds of surfaces like glass, wood, metal, leather, Styrofoam, polystyrene plastic and ABS plastic. It is not recommended for rubber or flexible types of vinyl because it will not dry on these surfaces, it will remain tacky to the touch. It will not adhere to polyethylene or polypropylene. Finely ground pigments mean superb flow and coverage. CreateFX Enamel paints are lead free.


* If you are airbrushing, use 79256 Enamel Thinner. Use the following ratio as a starting point. Gloss, 3 parts paint to 2 parts thinner. Flat, 3 parts paint to 1 part thinner. Thin to the consistency of whole milk.

* Best conditions for use 70 - 80 degrees F., moderate relative humidity of 60% or less.

* Enamels will be dry to the touch in one hour and require 48 hours to completely cure.


Adding insult to injury, Mud, Concrete and Rust have been reformulated as a stain. Making things worse...if that's possible...the stains require 24 hours to cure before recoating and when you're finally done staining, you have to seal it with a clear coat.


Are we having fun yet?

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Which do? The two versions of Dust? I'd like to think so. But then we have the adulteration of Mud, Concrete and Rust to deal with. BTW, Grime is nowhere to be seen in CreateFX.

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Man, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Apparently nobody at Testor's knows this in their obsessive drive to corner the market by eliminating all the better product out there in favor of their inferior one. I hate being forced into a poor choice by removing all the better choices just to support someone else's monetary greed.





Okay, time to get back to the bench now and wait for the coffee to kick in....

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