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2nd Goshawk is done!

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This is the LINDBERG kit, converted to the later BFC-2 Goshawk and detailed with the Buchler resin update set.















The "doped silver" was done with Alclad White Aluminum, the tail planes in MM Gloss White, and the top wing with MM Chrome Yellow (over Tamiya Fine white primer). The prop is Alclad Chrome over MM gloss black enamel, with decaled tip colors. The cowling is Testors Beret Green, which is the closest match to the decal sheet green markings. I also used Alclad Gloss Klear Kote to seal the decals and gloss the whole model.

The model is rigged with 6mil ceramic fiber (Wonder Wire). This stuff is GREAT! Just cut it to length, flex it into the holes, and add a drop of glue in the holes to secure it. No need to paint it or stretch it taught! The markings are from the Yellow wings Goshawk sheet. They performed flawlessly!

This older Lindberg kit was a breeze to build, even with the resin conversion spine, compared to the Classic Airframes F11C-2 kit. If you want to build a 1/48 Goshawk, I recommend finding this older gem and ordering the Buchler resin set.

Questions, comments, and critiques welcome, as always! Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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Amen to that! I can return the compliment-well done Gil! As you know I am a fan of the Golden Age, and your Goshawk looks great! Best,


Mark Fiedler (aAzZ09)

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