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Some of these stretch the term "commercial"....as they're caricatures of the real thing: Deals Wheels!


The McLapper.....stripe is painted and the other markings are for Pinewood Derby cars.



The VW Van...built and painted this in only 24hrs over one weekend!



The Trans-Um...painted the racing stripe on this one too


And one of my two real vehicles...



1940 Ford, 1/32 Lindberg kit, with detailing added to the interior.



This was my dad's first car. He had it and high school and dated my mom in it.


I also have a model of my first car...but need to take a pic of it! More later!


GIL :smiley16:

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Awesome! Love the '40 Ford!


I have two Tom Daniel's car conversions done; I didn't post them since I wasn't sure they fit the "commercial" criteria. Maybe I should reconsider in light of this post...

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