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My Birthday Present to Myself.

Mark Deliduka

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For about five or six years now, I've been taking model kits and tools down to St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Day that is held in a local Knights of Columbus Hall down in Anaheim. While there, I get to spend the day working on my models for as long as I want. At one time, we were opening up once a week which really helped my productivity tremendously. Dora's assembly was a lot faster because of those Hobby Days. I do still go to Hobby Days, but we only have them twice a month now. It's the only place I can work on Dora, given the size of this thing!

One of the issues I kept having was that I couldn't find a toolbox that was able to carry everything I needed to do what I wanted to do. I'd tried different boxes from Hardware toolboxes from Home Depot; to arts & crafts toolboxes from Michael's or Aaron Brothers Art Marts. Nothing worked to my satisfaction.

Finally, after stopping in to a Sports Chalet just before my birthday to pick up something for my physical therapy, I decided to check out the fishing dept. for tackle boxes. I found the perfect one for $59.95. A bit pricey, yes, but it works out perfectly!

Here it is; in this pic the front is open showing the three drawers holding a number of my tools, including channel locks for opening up stubborn paint jars:


The top has compartments holding all my most-used tools:


Underneath the top is the compartments holding my paints and other supplies. Most importantly, the left side is a deep section that holds all the taller bottles that never could fit satisfactorily in all the other boxes that I tried out:


Now I can fit everything I need and then some; and it all stays organized! Man, I love this! Going to Hobby Days are far more enjoyable now.

That's all I got from myself. A number of models were given to me by some good friends at Hobby Day as well:


Yeah, it was a good birthday!

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