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French Air Force colors 1940 and onwards


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Hello friends,


I am posting an image which shows the real document that was sent to the French Air Force units for painting their aircraft.

The document says 1940, but I assume these colors held true until 1945 at least.

It was sent to me by a French friend, Roger, who now is an advisor for Heller, a company that has relaunched and will bring out fine kits.


A few notes may be of interest:

The color "chamois" was used on landing gear legs.

The color "bleu nuit mat" was used for the interior of cockpits. Roger told me it on the phone it was almost black.

My advice is to paint it a couple of shades lighter, for scale effect.

I have uploaded the image to Photobucket.


I will post the name of the site I got it from (if this is allowed) as it has tons of good stuff, color profiles, photos, rare old photos, and lots of things I have yet to discover myself.


The link is here:



I would like to add here that I posted this in a model forum in my country and they moved the color chips image to a post where a guy was asking for the color of cockpit inteirors, as a token of their isupreme ntelligence, thus depriving thieir members of the chance to spot the topic and the color chips, which I find of great use. I also find I cannot post or modify my posts in that forum for two days now. It might be a temporary ban, though I did nothing to insult them.


I live in Greece but have studied in Portland, Oregon in the U.S.


Best Regards



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Hi Nick, Thank you for posting this interesting information. For your info, the document that we can see contains five colors and is very low resolution - 280 x 210 pixels. It is very dificult to read any info. Is this all that you posted?


I have been using dark blue as my normal French based on an old color chart from ABT decals. Your information on the color of landing gear legs, chamois, is new. I believe that this will add some interesting color to French models.


Is the total document shown? If not, I would love to see the entire document. Also, I would love to see a higher resolution version.


Thanks again,

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Thanks ClareWentzel,


I am tyring to correct the image fault, just uploaded it to google and will try and give a link.

Can some delete the other post of the same name of mine, please, as it somehow appears twice for me.

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