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Hasegawa 1/72 J-35 Draken "Austrian Millenium"

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Had alot of problems with the decals. They broke apart when I got them wet and when I used Microsol to set them, they got real gummy. So it turn out ok but at least I have a Draken in my collection. Always wanted to build one.









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Nice work. I esp. like the clean demarcation line between the red and yellow.


With decals, I usually cut one off from the unwanted ones and testi it after dipping it in water and trying to apply it to an old kit surface and. if it comes apart I spray the whole sheet in acrylic gloss or satin clear, wait for for an hour or so and then apply the decals. I had this problem with a Heller 1/125 Concorde recently, where the decals disintegrated into many small pieces--a nightmare. I botched it up in the end, but I did not really mind as the model was made for a travel agent's desk near me and he paid me 50 euros for the work. I made it gear closed and on a wire cota hanger base I bent which went to a hole in its belly.





Nick from Greece

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