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The Duke Finishes Another One.

Mark Deliduka

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Check it out: my pilots are pre-flighted and ready to take off:




So come on everyone; check in with Pasha Alekseyev and climb aboard for a ride to the Factory where you can check out my latest helicopter:




Watch your step as you disembark...


Now that we've arrived, Pasha will happily show you around my Zvezda 1/72 scale Russian Mi-26 Halo. He'll let you know that this is the largest helicopter in service today. She's built OOB and painted with Testor's Model Master paints. A wash was done on select locations with Windsor & Newton Oils Burnt Umber thinned with Mona Lisa thinner:




Pasha is still standing by in case anyone has any other questions about this Big Bird:





There it is; another of the large projects that slowed me down last year is finally done. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I sure did enjoy the trip I took to complete this thing!



Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.
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Thanks Gil! I gotta admit, I'm glad they do. This was a fun kit to build!


Thanks Rob! I shall do that. I did dip my canopies in Future before application, but I always seem to get scratches and blemishes anyway. Canopies are my toughest challenge to get and keep clear.

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Nice work Mark.


It might be worth trying to make canopy frames from thin tape painted first with the appropriate color and then cut off with a steel ruler on a glass surface (I use a thick piece of crsytal glass 30 cm long by 5 cm narrow) or even with a razor blade of the kind our fathers used 40 years ago. Successive passes of the blade or model knife (X-acto no 111 balde or other) against the ruler, without too much pressure, will give you a clean cut if you do not hurry it. Once glued to the clear canopy on the frame, you can cut off the excess top and bottom with the same traditional razor blade easily, going carefully and at an angle that points the blade to the outer or inner side of the frame, depending on the frame location. For example, if you were to cut the tape on the port side first frame, where it separates the side window from the windshiled, hold the blade so that the cutting side is forward and the rear side back towards the rear of the aircraft. That will ensure no cut slips on the side window. Experiment first with an old useless canopy and test masking-tape frames and the use of the blade on them to get the hanf of it. Unclear plastic will also do for this kind of training.



Glass cutters have left over pieces of glass they throw away. Check the area stores-the ones that sell glass cut to size for windows...


Good luck.


Nick from Athens, Greece...

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