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Pearl Harbor P-40B markings

David M. Knights

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A little background first.


I am building the Airfix P-40B in 72nd scale in Pearl Harbor markings. I am doing it in Lt. Taylor’s markings. Both Starfighter and AML make decals for this aircraft. I am using the main markings from Starfighter and the data stencils from AML.


Now, here is what is interesting. On the Starfighter sheet, the wing star in a circle and the fuselage star in a circle are the same diameter. On the AML sheet, the fuselage star in a circle is larger, On the tail of the aircraft, Starfighter has you put a tail number of either 23 or 27 (they admit they don’t know which is correct) on the tail, above another set of letters and numbers (15P) AML simply has the number 36, with no (15P) below it.


On the Starfighter sheet they admit that the information on the markings of this aircraft aren’t certain. Apparently a lot of conclusions on the markings of this aircraft are based on photos of other aircraft from the same unit.


So, I am soliciting opinions. Should the wing and fuselage roundels be the same size? Any input on the tail numbers?

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