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AMT '34 pick-up shop truck


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This was built from an original AMT version of this kit. It have been re-popped many times as a Lindberg kit, but it doesn't include the dually rear wheels. The AMT does.


First the top was chopped about 4 scale inches. The engine is an Ardun flathead with triple Strombergs from the Revell '50 Ford F-1 kit. The bed and running boards are made from basswood and stained with craft acrylics. The paint is Krylon Oxford Blue satin. The door logo are railroading dry transfers and pin striping decals. The hood was covered with bare mental foil and then distressed with 1000 grit sandpaper to give it the worked metal look. The seat is covered with a real cloth mexican blanket that was made from a gun cleaning swatch and fabric markers. I hope you like it.











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