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The Duke's Latest Count: 622 Finished Armor Models!

Mark Deliduka

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That's right. Just before the last St. Crispin's Irregulars Hobby Day Friday I was able to finish seven more models to bring my armor count up to 622 finished armor models. And here they all are.


I'll start out by posting a model I'd finished some weeks ago but forgot to take pics and post. This is my Trumpeter 1/72 scale Russian Drasine "Kraznaya Zvezda":







Now for my most recent finished models. These first two are my smallest ones done so far. This is my MAC Distributors 1/72 scale Russian UAZ-469 scout vehicle done up as a Guards unit:






That's the first MAC kit I've ever built.


Next is my ACE 1/72 scale British Tourer staff car:






Now on to some of my larger models. This next one is only the fourth ever resin model I have built. It darn near took off my thumb too, but I finally decided it's been sitting for far too long. Therefore, I pulled it down and finally finished it.


Mark Schroeder, it's been a long time comin', but this Buds for you:






Next is another model that had been sitting for too long. This was started for a Group Build on the AMPS Forums that ran until they took away our Braille Scale Forum. Once they did that, I set this model aside and almost forgot about it. While re-arranging my desk, I found it again and decided it was close enough to being done so I finished it off. Here's my Dragon 1/72 scale T-34/76 Beute:






Okay, enough of the old stuff. Here's one of my models I've been working on for a Group Build on the Missing Lynx Braille Scale Forums. This is my ACE 1/72 scale Iraqi AT-3 Sagger vehicle. It ain't the best looking model I have finished lately, but I'm declaring it done:






And now for my newest models finished. Newest as in least time working on them. Meet "Betty"; my Dragon 1/72 scale Canadian Churchill MkIII:






Next is "Castlerobin IV", my Dragon 1/72 scale Brtish Churchill MkIV:







And that is is so far. These are my latest armor models done. Now to finally finish a few aircraft to go along with these.


Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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