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Found 2 results

  1. The USS Ranger shown below is a 1/350 scale model built and painted at Andy's Hobby Headquarters. Andy used Tru-Color Paint for the hull (the anti-fouling red and all the camouflage colors), the flight deck, propellers and the small aircraft. He also used our Tru-Color Paint Masking Paper for painting the camouflage pattern on the upper hull. Among the paints used were TCP-1000 Norfolk 65A Anti-fouling Red, TCP-1010 Deck Blue 20-B, TCP-1012 5-P Pale Gray, TCP-1013 5-L Light Gray, TCP-1007 5-N Navy Blue, TCP-1003 5-H Haze Gray, TCP-1014 Polished Bronze and TCP-1231 ANA-623 Glossy Deep Blue Black. All of these paints are available in 30 ml (1 oz.) and 60 ml (2 oz.) size bottles. We wish to thank Andy for using our paint products to paint this model. If you wish to obtain more information on our military and detailing paint product lines, just reply to this thread, call or write us for the current flyers on all. Thank you for your replies and we look forward to talking with modelers. Martin Cohen, PhD Tru-Color Paint P.O. Box 74524 Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524 714-488-9779 email: tru.colorpaint1@yahoo.com
  2. Andy at Andy's Hobby Headquarters on 59th Ave. (and Greenway) in Glendale, AZ is painting the USS Ranger aircraft carrier using Tru-Color Paint and the masking (frisket) paper we produce. We had dropped off a few colors last weekend to Andy for him to evaluate and showed us that he was going to do the USS Ranger as his next build for YouTube. Since we had already produced the correct camouflage colors for the year and ship type we asked if we could supply all the paint for this project and he agreed to do the build with our paint. Andy had already painted the bottom of the hull with our TCP-1000 Norfolk 65-A Anti-fouling Red when we got there today and he stated he had no problems. The model looked very nice. Here is the line up of what we delivered today, 9/9/17: TCP-1006 5-O Ocean Gray, Late 1941-45; TCP-1012 5-P Pale Gray, 1943-45; TCP-1007 Navy Blue; TCP-1003 5-H Haze Gray; TCP-1010 Navy Blue 20-B 1942-45 and TCP-1014 Polished Bronze. The first 4 colors listed are for the hull and the vertical sections of the superstructure, the Navy Blue 20-B is the flight deck and all horizontal surfaces on the superstructure, and the polished bronze is for the propellers. We also gave Andy sheets of our masking (or frisket) paper for the camouflage. This paper can be fed through a printer and if a person can make a template, then you can cut out the camouflage pattern as needed. We will be informed when the YouTube presentation is ready, and we will pass that info to you on this forum. If ANY other hobby shop would like to put on a demo at their facility using our paint and masking paper, we will supply the necessary colors, paper, thinner and clean up solvent at no cost to the hobby shop. Please ask for this material through our email address stating the hobby shop name, owner's or manager's name, shop address and a phone number. Since we make paint colors for all the major modeling genres we would like to know what would be of most interest for the shop to demo - figures, ships, aircraft (military or commercial), armor, railroading or automobiles/trucks. If the shop can supply a date and time, we will show that on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Martin Cohen, PhD Tru-Color Paint P.O. Box 74524 Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524 714-488-9779 email: tru.colorpaint1@yahoo.com
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