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  1. The USS Ranger shown below is a 1/350 scale model built and painted at Andy's Hobby Headquarters. Andy used Tru-Color Paint for the hull (the anti-fouling red and all the camouflage colors), the flight deck, propellers and the small aircraft. He also used our Tru-Color Paint Masking Paper for painting the camouflage pattern on the upper hull. Among the paints used were TCP-1000 Norfolk 65A Anti-fouling Red, TCP-1010 Deck Blue 20-B, TCP-1012 5-P Pale Gray, TCP-1013 5-L Light Gray, TCP-1007 5-N Navy Blue, TCP-1003 5-H Haze Gray, TCP-1014 Polished Bronze and TCP-1231 ANA-623 Glossy Deep Blue
  2. Here is a picture of an M-4 Sherman 1/35th scale battle tank assembled and painted by Ethan Dunsford of IPMS Craig Hewitt chapter using Tru-Color Paint exclusively for the main color and detailing the tank. Among the colors Ethan used to paint this model are TCP-1400 Olive Drab #1, TCP-401 Matte Dirt, TCP-403 Matte Mud # 2, TCP-404 Light Rust and TCP-408 Aged Rust. Ethan is working on another M-4 Sherman which will have different colors and highlights. In the future Ethan will be building and painting more modern armor using our MERDC colors. We will share pictures of these when comple
  3. Tru-Color Paint is the first model paint company to release both F-22 paints in a simulated radar dispersion/absorption appearance on Oct. 2, 2017. These are designated as: TCP-1214 F-22 Radar Dispersion # 1 (based on Dark Compass Ghost Gray being the base color) TCP-1215 F-22 Radar Dispersion # 2 (based on Light Compass Ghost Gray being the base color) Both have the "metallic" effect already mixed into the paint which causes the painted surface to "sparkle" when viewed at different angles. Each paint is available in 1 oz. ($ 5.69) and 2 oz. ($ 10.25) size bottles from your favorite hobby sh
  4. I need help on the best way to do the camouflage paint schemes on F-4C Phantoms in the Southeast Asia (SEA) colors. First let me say that I have not built a model for over 50+ years - and yes, I did not stutter, and I doubt any of those models were as complicated to paint as the ones I chose now. The reasons I chose the F-4C was to show off our new U.S. Air Force paint product lines. Maybe this was a bad idea, but I have 3 planes already started and need your help to do the camouflage correctly. Cockpit has been built up, painted and placed in the fuselage. Seams have been filed and fi
  5. Tru-Color Paint is seeking the input of the warship modeling community on what we should be developing for the market. Right now Tru-Color Paint is in development of nearly every color the U.S. Navy used in WWII, including the generic colors used on pre-war and on modern warships. We will have about 60 colors in this category by the time we are through with all the color matches and releases of these through early 2019. What country's naval ships should be the next focus of Tru-Color Paint ? We have the color chips for German, Japanese and Royal Navy for WWII and can get the modern colors for
  6. A modeler recently asked us to develop different shades of the same color to represent a freshly painted AFV versus a faded or aged vehicle. This is so subjective to so many modelers, it would be nearly impossible to satisfy everyone with the choices we would have. Thus, I will give you a suggestion on how you can accomplish this using Tru-Color Paint. As you will learn upon using Tru-Color Paint it is a solvent based paint. Since the polymer (the resin that binds the pigments used to the model) is the SAME in every formulation of Tru-Color Paint and the solvent ratios used in the manufacture
  7. The following Metallic and Pearlescent Automobile paint colors were shipped to distributors and hobby shops on Sept. 15, 2017. All were shipped in 1 oz. bottles with a suggested retail of $ 6.19 each. Colors are: TCP-731 Plum Crazy Metallic TCP-732 Bright Atlantic Blue Metallic TCP-733 Dark Titanium Metallic TCP-734 Laser Red Metallic TCP-743 Dark Charcoal Pearlescent TCP-744 Surf Blue Pearlescent Pearlescent paints change color as the viewing angle changes creating a great looking effect on the model. More metallic and pearlescent colors are to be released on Oct. 1 so come back to the for
  8. Tru-Color Paint is seeking your input for what new colors should be added for the AFV modeler. Besides the detailing colors like various rusts, muds, dusts, etc. and paints for figures - all of which are in the schedule to be manufactured and released in the balance of 2017 and 2018, we would like to know what should be the focus of new colors for this segment. Should we concentrate on German, British, Israeli or other countries AFV's from WWII to present ? If so, what countries should we look at first to get information on ? Is one era more important than another ? Your input is of great v
  9. Tru-Color Paint is pleased to announce that shipping on Oct. 2, 2017 are 3 new U.S. Navy ship colors for WWII aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, etc. These colors are available in 1 oz. ($ 5.69 list) and 2 oz. ($ 10.25) bottles from your favorite local hobby shop, online store or from us directly. As always these paints are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ and matched to color chips. The colors are: TCP-1002 Navy Gray, # 5, pre-1942 TCP-1010 Deck Blue 20B; 1942-45 TCP-1012 5-P Pale Gray, 1943-1946 In Nov. we will be shipping 3 additional colors: Navy Blue 5-N, 5-B Thayer Blue
  10. Tru-Color Paint will be shipping the following new colors to distributors and hobby shops on Oct., 2, 2017. All of these colors are available in 1 oz. ($ 5.69 list) and 2 oz. ($ 10.25 list) bottles. TCP-1402 Olive Drab # 3, 1942-44 TCP-1403 Federal Standard (FS) 34079 MERDC Forest Green TCP-1404 FS 30118 MERDC Field Drab You may get these paints from your favorite local hobby shop, online store or us directly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Martin Cohen, PhD Tru-Color Paint P.O. Box 74524 Phoenix, AZ 85087-4524 714-488-9779
  11. Tru-Color Paint will be shipping to distributors and hobby shops the following new aircraft colors on Oct. 2, 2017. Note all colors will be available in 1 oz. ($ 5.69 list) and 2 oz. ($ 10.25 list) bottles. TCP-1214 F-22 Radar Dispersion Dark Compass Ghost Gray TCP-1215 F-22 Radar Dispersion Lt. Compass Ghost Gray TCP-1217 Fed. Std. 34092 Gunship Green The F-22 paint is the first aircraft model paint that already has the simulated radar dispersion/absorption additive that is ready to be sprayed by the modeler ! We will have the F-35 versions shipping in Dec., 2017. You may order these from
  12. Andy at Andy's Hobby Headquarters on 59th Ave. (and Greenway) in Glendale, AZ is painting the USS Ranger aircraft carrier using Tru-Color Paint and the masking (frisket) paper we produce. We had dropped off a few colors last weekend to Andy for him to evaluate and showed us that he was going to do the USS Ranger as his next build for YouTube. Since we had already produced the correct camouflage colors for the year and ship type we asked if we could supply all the paint for this project and he agreed to do the build with our paint. Andy had already painted the bottom of the hull with our TCP-10
  13. Tru-Color Paint is pleased to announce the release of several flesh colors plus general clothing/buckle, button, shoe, hat etc. colors which may be applied with a paint brush on figures. These all dry flat. These are as follows: TCP-805 Flat Black; TCP-809 Flat Dark Green; TCP-810 Flat Light Green; TCP-817 Flat Off-White; TCP-818 Flat Light Tan; TCP-819 Flat Dark Tan; TCP-840 Flat Caucasian Flesh; TCP-860 Flat Medium Flesh; TCP-861 Flat Light Mocha Flesh and TCP-862 Flat Dark Mocha Flesh. All of these paints are available in 1 oz. ($ 6.19 list) and 2 oz. bottles ($ 11.25) from your favorite
  14. Tru-Color Paint is willing to donate paint samples and pieces of models (cars, planes, ships, railroad, etc.) to any IPMS chapter that is willing to put on a demonstration of our paint at one of your meetings, at a show or any gathering of modelers where there might be interest. Just have a chapter president or secretary contact us. Tell us what you would propose to have a clinic showing how easy it is to use our paint and clean up. Let us know a date, contact name and address (phone # too would be nice) to send the materials to and about how many you believe would attend. If we have ample
  15. Bottle pictures of the Tru-Color Paint SEA colors to be released Oct. 1, 2017 are attached for your perusal. There are 4 colors in the first release and the TCP-1213 picture will be added before the end of this week. The bottles shown are all 1 oz. ( $ 5.69 list), but they are also available in a 2 oz. size ( $10.25 list) for larger models and/or projects. All paint is available from your local hobby shop or from us directly. On Nov. 1, 2017 we will release the first true F-22 simulated radar dispersion/absorption paint for the modeler ( 2 colors) along with Fed. Std. 34092 Gunship Gre
  16. We had been asked if Tru-Color Paint works on Shapeways 3-D printed parts used in model building. We can now definitely say YES. Tru-Color Paint can be hand OR air brushed onto Shapeways parts made with either FUD or FXD resin. Just follow the recommendations for using Shapeways parts by exposing them to sunlight or a UV lamp for an hour or so to fully cure any residual resin. As with any plastic part, make sure the surface is clean and you can apply ANY color on the part(s). A custom painter (North Valley Trains) of locomotives that uses Tru-Color Paint exclusively for his projects showed us
  17. Tru-Color Paint is pleased to announce that part of the first colors to be released in our new military line of paints on Oct. 1, 2017 are those for U.S. Air Force jets used in SEA. These are designated as follows: TCP-1209 Fed. Std (FS) 34102 Light Green; TCP-1211 FS 36622 Gray; TCP-1212 FS 30219 (Sierra) Tan; and TCP-1213 FS 34079 Forest Green. All of these will be available in 1 oz. ($ 5.69 list) and 2 oz. ( $ 10.25 list) size bottles from your favorite hobby shop or directly from us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Martin Cohen, PhD Tru-Color Paint P.O.
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