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Found 6 results

  1. Good day, If you like to view photos of completed structures (buildings), most of them scratchbuilt, you might want to spend a few minutes with my first photo gallery on the M-Files Youtube channel. As I get the time to create them, you'll eventually find photo galleries for aircraft and vehicles. Also full kit builds. You can find the channel here. Thanks for looking.
  2. Bandai Master Grade 1:100 Full Armor Gundam FA 78-1 Custom repaint of the Mobile Suit Variations Full armor Gundam. This is the original design of the full RX 78 before the iconic "Thunderbolt" Gundam was introduced. Originally this kit was printed in almost all blue colored plastic. I gave the kit my own color scheme inspired by other variations of the FA 78-1.
  3. I'm proud to announce my latest E-book. This one is the result of a comment someone on this forum made after my C-46 E-book was finished. To wit: It would be nice to have some reference photos included in the Building Guide. File size limitations prevented that, but I've come up with a workaround. This E-book, intended as a companion to my C-46 Building Guide, contains 49 relatively high resolution historical photos of the C-46A. 22 are operational shots and the other 27 come from the Curtiss assembly line. They've all been enhanced to pull detail out of shadowed areas and can be enlarged at least 200 to 300 percent without suffering pixelation. And if you prefer, since this E-book is offered in PDF format, they can also be printed if you prefer hard copy. Price? $3.99 and can be purchased by going here.
  4. A friend of mine told me about a new PBY museum up on Whidbey Island. I haven't been there yet, but the website has some good pictures and it appears to have some great displays, like an eyeball turret! Their Facebook page is also excellent. I found some interior shots of PBMs and PBYs along with a few other gem details. Another good reference site and it certainly appears to be worth a visit. PBY Memorial Foundation http://pbymf.org/ Cheers, Rob
  5. Thanks to all of the Modelers, Vendors, Sponsors, Speakers, Guests, and IPMS Eagle Squadron Members who helped make RDUCON 2014 a success! Our show was held on Saturday (May 3rd), and we had a great turnout. We're hearing lots of positive feedback from everyone who attended, which makes all of the effort that went into planning our show worthwhile! The results have been posted, with 1st place pictures, at http://ipmseaglesquadron.org/rducon2014/results/
  6. Hi all, Just a heads up to let you know that a photo gallery disc on the F-16 will soon be available from Scale Publications, probably within the next two to three months. Assuming I don't melt from the current heat wave here in Texas. The disc will contain well over 900 photos and better than 5,000 navigation hotlinks. All photos are captioned. Coverage starts with the Design Concepts and goes all the way thru to the Thunderbirds. Along the way you'll find coverage on the F-16XL, F-16I, Mitsubishi F-2 and the various experimentals, including the little known tailess version of the F-16XL. The disc will be available as a data DVD (too much data for a CD-ROM)and possibly as a downloadable .ISO so you can burn your own disc. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who would be interested in the disc. I'll keep your email address on file and let you know when the disc is ready. Richard Marmo
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