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  1. Is it possible it was moved to a diorama class? Does anyone know if the ship people tightened up the "display" rules as much as the armor guys did (I heard a LOT of tanks got moved)?


    Since it's definitely "under way", it might be interpreted as showing "action". I don't see any crew, but if it was moved, it might have suffered in the ship dioramas as then being "not enough"....


    Just speculating, because it looks like a first class effort (as most on the table do til ya start judging....)


    GIL :smiley16:

    Hi Gil,


    Good idea. No clue as to what happened to it. I think it stayed put, but I don't know.

  2. I have NO idea what knocked this beauty out of contention, but as an ex-head IPMS/USA ship judge, I can tell you that you would be AMAZED how many ships masts don't line up! Yards are bit more complicated as sailing ships yards like the one you mention, tend to tilt some. I have seen masts and fixed yards on BEAUTIFUL models that just didn't line up or were not perpendicular to the deck. Even on subs I have seen many time periscopes, snorkels and antennas that didn't match up. FWIW.


    Thanks, Rusty....appreciate it.

  3. Hi, James,


    You just triggered a bunch of memories of the 1968 GTO convertible that I bought new for $4,150. It was Solar Red! With a red interior, too. MPC had an annual kit of that car that has never been reissued since.


    I sold it in 1976 when the oldest kid became 16 and wanted to drive it. The last I heard of it was that the buyer dropped a u-joint on the drive shaft while attempting a 130 mph run on a long, lonely country road. Thank goodness it was the back one.


    The kid got even with me, though. He totalled my 1974 Grand Am while on a date. I paid $4,800 for it; got $2,300 in insurance, and sold the as-is carcass for $1,250. My depreciation over three years was just $1,250.



    Hi Ed, Thanks!


    This build seems to have triggered memories for a lot of people. I've never driven one, but it's on my list of cars I wish I could have now!!

  4. Revell 1/24 Pontiac '69 GTO, built OOB.
    I used Testor's rattle can enamel for the exterior, and Tamiya acrylics for the rest.
    A fun kit of something different, and my first of 2015.
    A lot of mistakes, but it was fun to use Bare Metal Foil for something other than canopy masking.
    Hope you like it.













  5. Haven't posted here in a long time...figured I'd see what's doing. I have more photos to post, but 6 is all the board would allow me.



    I started this project in August 2013. I finished it up last month.
    There's really nothing I can say that hasn't already been said...it's the best kit I've ever built.
    It's built out of the box, with the exceptions of Barracudacals cockpit placards & stencils, an Eduard seat harness, and the coiled solder used as an antennae tensioner.
    ID light lenses were created using white glue.
    Tamiya acrylics were used exclusively, mixed according to the kit's suggestions.
    Weathering was dome with airbrushing and artists' oils.
    I realized while editing the photos that the port elevator linkage must've been brushed off while wiping down the oils. Hope I can find it. I also know that I need to replace the shackles on the hard points...all four broke off while handling the wing sections. Oh, boy...

    Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.







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  6. This is Revell of Germany's 1/48 Rafale B. Finished it up today. Great kit, terrible decals (Cartograph, too). Like, old Academy bad decals. I built it to the point of being ready for primer, then lost interest in it- 1 1/2 years ago (!) Lots of scratchbuilt stuff in the cockpit, including the ejector handles and new parachute headboxes on the seats.


    I decided to finish it 2 weeks ago, and figured I'd have it done by New Year's Eve. Alas, the decals were matte-finished, brittle, and impermeable to all solvents: MicroSet, Mr. Mark Softer, Solvaset, and even Future brushed under the edges. The edges of the wing Tiger markings still peeled back, and rolled up. I ended up slicing the leading edges off, and repainting the differences by hand. Otherwise, it'd have been done in 2010.


    Apologies for the terrible photos, I haven't replaced the water-damaged lightbox I had to throw away.

    At any rate, it's rescued from the Shelf O' Despair.

















  7. Love the weathering!


    You might consider re-scribing the panel line along the top of the fuselage. The 109s were actually assembled like a big model kit, from the cockpit aft. A left and right fuselage half, and a tail plug.

  8. It's finished. I just realized I need to add the wingtip position lights. No, Gil, it's not my favorite Focke-Wulf. I much prefer the A-8s. I was simply caught up in the pre-production hype around this kit, and figured I'd add a Tank to my collection. I declare this kit "Hoax of the Year, 2010".








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