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  1. Don't mask it, CrazyD...just kick it freestyle, Yo! These FineMold kits are sweet. I used one about 4 years ago, when I did a 1/72 Mistel-1 conversion using the 109F2, Italeri Mistel set, and AMT Ju-88. Sawed the front off of the Italeri kit, and transplanted it to the back 2/3 of the AMT kit. Still one of my fave projects, ever.Then I built the one above last Spring. I may have one more left, but I can't remember.
  2. Very cool! I didn't even know Airfix made a Farm House...:)
  3. Very nicely executed! I've heard nothing but good stuff about this kit...Imma have to get one, I think! JK
  4. Tamiya Thin Liquid Cement also works very well to dissolve the casting "ridges" on DS track and figures.
  5. GORGEOUS Phantom!!!!! I, too, have always liked Luftwaffe Phantoms...you've certainly represented them well! JK
  6. 66Foxtrot

    Stug III Ausf. F

    Always a fan of your work, JB....but, this is one of the best I've seen!!!!
  7. And, it makes a scrumptious hat!!! Actually, the lead foil from the neck of a good wine bottle makes great seat harnesses. I've used it for flags, too!
  8. Great work as usual...especially the cockpit!
  9. Wow...you guys have work spaces nicer than my living room!! Here's where I hide the bodies....
  10. When I read the header, I thought Tamiya was releasing an A-4!! Free scooter kits? That's sweet! One more reason I wish I'd just gone to Columbus.
  11. 66Foxtrot


    Yep. That kid sure can build! Polite, too. :)
  12. Very nicely executed. My favorite Hellcat markings, too!
  13. It's true. An amazing amount of heat displaced by the rapid curing reaction. I've burned my hands, and nearly started a workbench fire with a paper-towel/superglue spill. Damn, did that smoke! It;s a wonder I get the things done that I do....
  14. 66Foxtrot

    Bun E's Jagdpanther

    Inspirational as always, Jack....:)
  15. They're painted with Tamiya Clear paints, Gil. *WOOF*
  16. Glen, the jury struts are kit parts.
  17. This was my "Tamiya Break" after finishing the Eduard Emil. I chipped away at it for 2 months, as I don't seem to have the time, anymore. Regardless, the model depicts an aircraft of the U.S. Marine Corp's VMF-213 "Hell Hawks", circa 1943. It's OOB, save for the antennae (stretched sprue) and the tensioner (fine solder). It was airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air acrylics. Why are the wings folded on an island??? Because. I said so.
  18. Always a pleasure to see The Master in action.
  19. I did not know that.....!
  20. It's all pre-colored PE, Gil. I was sure that IPMS had reviewed this kit, as it's release was pretty major back in February. I don't see it in the Review's list, though. Must've been somewhere else. Swore it was here, though....
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