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  1. One of the most overlooked forms of Master Modeling........depending on the thickness, I've used it to replace fenders, make rolls and tarps all the way to seat belts and tie downs. It works great for any Flag too.


    And, it makes a scrumptious hat!!!




    Actually, the lead foil from the neck of a good wine bottle makes great seat harnesses. I've used it for flags, too!

  2. Igraduated from Tenax to Tamiya Extra Thin Cenent a couple of years back. I like it much better. It also gives me that extra couple of seconds between a smooth join and the bottle of CA to fix the "step" at the seamline.


    X 2

  3. This was my "Tamiya Break" after finishing the Eduard Emil. I chipped away at it for 2 months, as I don't seem to have the time, anymore. Regardless, the model depicts an aircraft of the U.S. Marine Corp's VMF-213 "Hell Hawks", circa 1943. It's OOB, save for the antennae (stretched sprue) and the tensioner (fine solder). It was airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air acrylics. Why are the wings folded on an island??? Because. I said so.








  4. It's all pre-colored PE, Gil.


    I was sure that IPMS had reviewed this kit, as it's release was pretty major back in February. I don't see it in the Review's list, though. Must've been somewhere else. Swore it was here, though....

  5. I'm still using a set that I got from Dr. Microtools at the '93 Atlanta Nats...straight, 90 degree, and 45 degree...but I use the latter for almost everything. You might want to check http://www.micromark.com for some pretty good ones...they have a stainless steel 5 pc. tweezer set (#60365) that looks good.


    Somebody sent me this site, but I've never ordered from them... http://www.widgetsupply.com/


    That's an awesome link! Hard-To-Find Hobby Supplies, like this one!

  6. Hey Whiskey Boy...........with all of the Hoopla over the Glassware, how was the fit??? Mighty fine paint job!!!


    The fit is very good, Bun E. Boy....;) All of the hoopla was over the shape of the E-4 canopy. I won't rehash any of it here. As far as I know, the fit of that version is OK, too, but the shape is inherently incorrect. Eduard has listened to the masses, though, and is producing a corrected canopy for the E-4 which will be available this Fall. No word on pricing.

  7. This is the Eduard 1/32 Bf-109E-1, built straight OOB. I completed this 2 months ago. It's also the last model I've completed...


    "Yellow 2", 6./JG 52, Husum, Germany, 1940.


    Finished with Gunze acrylics & lacquers, Model Master Acryl, and Vallejo acrylics. Light weathering with an acrylic wash in the panel lines.









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