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  1. Site must have bandwidth problems now., I'll have a look later. But a few IPMS Nats ago, Mat Irvine, spfx guru for some BBC sci-fi shows and IIRC did some model work on 2001, gave a talk about the difference between real models and CGI - an excellent talk While there is a lot CGI can do, IMHO I prefer a real model.
  2. Roktman

    Sink Holes

    FWIW, if it's not too deep I use the Mr. Surfacer 500. Any deeper and I use good ol' Aves. Let dry and then wet sand.
  3. WOW! $500! Wouldn't that be nice to get.
  4. Woof - whats up rob. Glad to see you here. Been hanging here for a while but mostly right when the Nats cities are selected and when the Nats get closer. Otherwise not a lot going on here in our categories.

  5. Nice link. While I'm not big in ST, I wish someone would produce the "old Spock's" starship -
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