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  1. At this point I wonder what happens to clubs that put in a bid (not any of the ones that have been mentioned and/or held Cons before) and loses out? I distinctly remember a club in mid to Northern Calif had a good bid IMHO. They lost out to who I forget, but they never bid again. Does losing out put that much of a bad taste in club's mouths that they won't try again?
  2. A big welcome from Noo Yawk city! ;)
  3. I remember at the Awards dinner that there was one model that Aris said had no name of the form...
  4. I agree with Dick and the others. For myself, my wife and my young son, we use the the Nationals each year as the starting point of our annual vacation. We take in the Con, the tours and then spend an additional 3 or 4 days to go exploring on our own. If the Nationals were held in the same 3 cities (East, Central, West) It honestly wouldn't take long for me to start skipping the Nats. Yes, I would miss the Contest, seminars and Vendor room. But I would give up that before sitting in the same cities year after year. I would like to see the Nats downsize to a smaller city - yep maybe there wo
  5. In answer to your question, I bought 3 tickets for the banquet at 3PM THAT afternoon. There was an announcement over the PA that there was tickets left, and I walked over handed in my money and got my tickets. I believe the woman behind the desk said there was about 20 left over at that time. IMHO the banquet/awards room is up to what the venue has available. I did pay for three tickets and by nature of how the ppl filed in, we sat off to the right of the stage. While I could hear fine, the view of the screens was pretty bad. So the ppl in the hall directly in front of a screen may not h
  6. Excellent! I'm thrilled to see another one of us here. Another friend of mine calls it the OTS: One True Scale. LOL! Thanks for the compliments as well; they are very appreciated. Up my way it's The Scale of Kings. LOL
  7. Would these be of help? Doesn't say EAD tho...
  8. Thats an excellent job! I really like it. :D
  9. You did a terrific job with that kit. I think I would have bounced it off the floor before tossing out. LOL :D
  10. Hi Ed, Thanks! I'm sure animating true plaid back then must have been a night mare. But I don't remember if this was true animation or stop motion. The snowman must have been one of the favorites. There was quite a few "screen grabs" of him on the Net. This is one of the few grabs that shows the color of the back of the vest. I guess what I could have done was paint the stitches a light green and only use the white for the intersections. Also I just noticed that there was more black lines. But the sculptor just "engraved" the ones I painted into the clay. -
  11. Funny thing is that at a show the Make & Take tables are chocked full of kids. Now is it that Mom is just "time wasting" doing something for free while Dad is in the contest or Vendor Room? I wonder how many of those kids go home with a kit or two to build? My lil guy (12) is into model building as much as he is his XBox or whatever. As a matter of fact at the Hampton Nats, he came home with more kits than I did (and paid for with mostly his own money). He started building with Snap Tites and then eventually graduated to glue kits. But to make it worth while for him he's building 1:72
  12. Cyber Model is calling this the instructions/painting sheet. Hopefully this will help a little - - http://www.super-hobby.com/products/German-Knight-XV-c..html Then there's this - - Not quite a rave review but some of the assembly is shown. HTH
  13. Very nice! I don't remember seeing that kit before. I do agree about the chains looking too new. A little dark wash should fix that up. But Excellent job!
  14. Thanks. I was really afraid of doing the plaid, until I really looked at the puppet (?) and it wasn't plaid at all. Whew. ;)
  15. Hey that looks well done. If you wanted you could even take the 'stache down a bit more and then replace the hair with the Aves. I recently did a MoonDevil Studio Abominable snowman and used it to close up the seams on the hairy guy - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RnHvyMDRx-Y/VEA8ra7pLdI/AAAAAAAAAyI/LXX2IjrSw9A/s1600/IMG_2862%2B(2).JPG It's not a great pic but you can see around the shoulder that with a dental tool and Aves, you can redo any type of hair you want. Just remember scale and "there is symmetry in asymmetry." Keep going. Can't wait to see more.
  16. Excellent job Mark. Very cool! And for the record I'm also a scale slave to 1:72... :D
  17. Another place to look on You Tube is for the miniature painters. This guy is one of a number of guys that give good advice - Here's a good one on painting flesh - In this one he paints an entire figure - But basically, after priming, you'll need to lay down a base coat of your color. Then use a wash to fill in where all the shadows would be. Then come back with highlights. You may want to start with your base color again (depending on how much clean up you need from your wash) and continue with at least 2 other highlights. For each lighter color make it a smaller and smaller are
  18. I just finished up Sam the Snowman from 1964's stop motion animation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Sam was voiced and closely resembled by the Folk singer, Burl Ives. Sam was in my "To Do" pile for so long I no longer remember where I picked him up. An inscription of "Raven" is carved into the back of the sculpt. He was done with Vallejo and Army Painter paints. The toughest part of the research for him was what color was the back of his vest. I knew that most times the back of the vest is a different color than the front, so I knew I shouldn't paint it green. Finally I found a shot of t
  19. One good thing is that John Wayne had very thin lips. ;) My fav is Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I would use that to fill in sides of the mouth after his mustache is cut. Aves works with water, and once dry (in about 2 hrs.) you can continue to sand and/or carve it. But who knows. If you go slow and take your time you may just need so delicate sanding to get rid of the remnants of the mustache. Looking fwd to see WIP pics. HTH
  20. Awesome! Very nice job. And yes, these new minis painter's work magic!
  21. I'm with you Dave. With my "discovery" of Vallejo and Lifecolor paints, I have no use for Testors.
  22. Thats a great listing. My first show was in AZ in '04, and I wished I had joined earlier.
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