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  1. After listening to the bids I was rooting for Chattanooga, but Va., will make it an easier drive.
  2. When the CO people spoke at the Bids presentation, I *thought* they said the website goes live at the beginning of Sept...
  3. I think it's prolly the nature of IPMS being predominately a military model based org. Over at The Clubhouse, where it's mostly GK figures, there are a number of women modelers.
  4. I like FSM, even tho, as been said - it's pretty basic now. I also read SAMI, and for Figures I really like Amazing Figure Modeler. Plus The Journal of course.
  5. I haven't seen it yet (despite my cuz being a producer on the film) but I'm with Tony - it has to be pretty horrendous for me not to like a sci-fi movie. I'm looking at the GK guys if they will decide to release a vehicle or figure from the movie. Time will tell.
  6. Hehehe Cool idea. The SW Universe is so huge that pretty much and ship design that doesn't have a saucer shape could fit into SW. But the only way to SW-tize a Trek ship would simply give it the affiliation "colors" of the side your modeling i.e. the Enterprise with the red stripes down the length of the nacelles...
  7. Roktman


    Not really into the old school dino kits anymore preferring the new ones. But you did a great job with this old boy! ;)
  8. Hi, Excellent job on the Conan kit. I reeally like the movement in it. Not static like so many (cough cought Ironman cough) styrene kits can be. I also 2nd the idea of the Fisher videos. They're great.
  9. Roktman

    Valiant Mermaid

    Very cool. I like the transition from the flesh tone to the "fish" tone. :D Also, great job with the coral!
  10. Hey Kev, Just saw this post - StarShip Modeler web store has a number of different sized nozzles available. http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....r-nozzle-ii.cfm http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....ozzle-small.cfm PLus more - http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....ng-supplies.cfm HTH
  11. No. I haven't seen decals for that airline. However, you may want to contact Draw Decal - www.drawdecal.com and ask them about it. They might add it to their production queue...
  12. Thats too bad. :( Sounds like it was a nice model. Any chance of seeing a scan of the pic?
  13. Great job on the dio. I really like the scratched shovel. Here in NYC the second the truck goes by, people are out throwing it back into the street. For me, I found out by accident that (again here in NYC) if you move onto a one way street, and live on the left side, you'll never be plowed in. All the plows are angled to the right! LOL :D
  14. Agreed. The craftsman style RR models are great for super detailing fans. It's also a good way to get a handle on how to design your own buildings.
  15. [/size]Hi gang, I saw this over at Starship Modeler. Member "karim" made an app for the iPhone that - "is a set of calculation tools designed for scale model builders, model-railroad enthusiasts, scratch-builders, or anyone else who needs to quickly and easily convert between measurements in different scales, figure out the scale of a model or model part, or perform other modeling-related calculations. Model Kit version 1.0 features: Convert measurements from one scale to another - enter measurements in inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters, and meters and even mix units during input - enter arbitrary scales, or select from a library of common numeric scales, architectural & engineering scales, and model railroad scales - flag commonly used scales as "favorites" for easy access Calculate unknown scales - Add the calculated scale to the library Convenient Unit converter Cone shell calculator - enter top diameter, bottom diameter, and cone height * More features to come in future updates " http://www.karimnassar.com/makery/model-kit Its only $4.99 and can be gotten from the App Store by searching "Model Kit" I just bought it and it's everything you'd expect. Its perfect for people like me who's PC is not near my model building room. BTW I have no involvement in this, just a happy customer...
  16. Excellent job! Very nicely done - and very cool it is displayed.. I know it was supposed to be OOB, but I think I still would have gotten rid of the gold coloring on the CM in favor of the real silver. ;) A year ago I was lucky enuff to get a Buzz vehicle into a case the the Buzz Aldrin science Center in NJ - Gemini
  17. Site must have bandwidth problems now., I'll have a look later. But a few IPMS Nats ago, Mat Irvine, spfx guru for some BBC sci-fi shows and IIRC did some model work on 2001, gave a talk about the difference between real models and CGI - an excellent talk While there is a lot CGI can do, IMHO I prefer a real model.
  18. Roktman

    Sink Holes

    FWIW, if it's not too deep I use the Mr. Surfacer 500. Any deeper and I use good ol' Aves. Let dry and then wet sand.
  19. WOW! $500! Wouldn't that be nice to get.
  20. Woof - whats up rob. Glad to see you here. Been hanging here for a while but mostly right when the Nats cities are selected and when the Nats get closer. Otherwise not a lot going on here in our categories.

  21. Nice link. While I'm not big in ST, I wish someone would produce the "old Spock's" starship -
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