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  1. One good thing is that John Wayne had very thin lips. ;) My fav is Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I would use that to fill in sides of the mouth after his mustache is cut. Aves works with water, and once dry (in about 2 hrs.) you can continue to sand and/or carve it. But who knows. If you go slow and take your time you may just need so delicate sanding to get rid of the remnants of the mustache. Looking fwd to see WIP pics. HTH
  2. Roktman

    The Invisible Man

    Awesome! Very nice job. And yes, these new minis painter's work magic!
  3. I'm with you Dave. With my "discovery" of Vallejo and Lifecolor paints, I have no use for Testors.
  4. Thats a great listing. My first show was in AZ in '04, and I wished I had joined earlier.
  5. Haha, For Some. I'd almost guarantee that I would forget my badges, etc. until I had driven more than 3 hours from home... Hehe Looking fwd to the Con!
  6. Looks great so far. My son got me into these figures lately. Can't believe the detail in these "little" things. Looking fwd to your next installment.
  7. Roktman

    The Munsters

    Excellent job. Gran'pa was always such a character!
  8. I'll be there, also coming in on the 12th. Can't wait. Never see the CO Rockies before either...
  9. Thanks Eric, I'll give it another shot with a different browser. BTW the one I was using was Firefox...
  10. Hi CO. guys, I'm trying to register online. when I hit recalculate, it does it fine. But when I hit "checkout" the next screen that pops ups is blank. Ideas what I'm doing wrong? TIA ~Kev
  11. I have "a thing" for maps. This is a very cool idea!
  12. Roktman

    Mountain Man

    Excellent job. I really like how you turned the hunk of wood into a base too. Very clever! :D
  13. Now, it's after the Convention (and it was a great time) thats exactly how I felt. I usually add a few days and make the Nats a family vacation, since the committees plan for a place that has things to do nearby, when not looking at models. But this time there was *SO* many other MOUSE things to do and see - for me - the Con became an after thought. i think I saw the model room 2 or 3X and the vendor room 2X
  14. After listening to the bids I was rooting for Chattanooga, but Va., will make it an easier drive.
  15. When the CO people spoke at the Bids presentation, I *thought* they said the website goes live at the beginning of Sept...
  16. I think it's prolly the nature of IPMS being predominately a military model based org. Over at The Clubhouse, where it's mostly GK figures, there are a number of women modelers.
  17. I like FSM, even tho, as been said - it's pretty basic now. I also read SAMI, and for Figures I really like Amazing Figure Modeler. Plus The Journal of course.
  18. I haven't seen it yet (despite my cuz being a producer on the film) but I'm with Tony - it has to be pretty horrendous for me not to like a sci-fi movie. I'm looking at the GK guys if they will decide to release a vehicle or figure from the movie. Time will tell.
  19. Hehehe Cool idea. The SW Universe is so huge that pretty much and ship design that doesn't have a saucer shape could fit into SW. But the only way to SW-tize a Trek ship would simply give it the affiliation "colors" of the side your modeling i.e. the Enterprise with the red stripes down the length of the nacelles...
  20. Roktman


    Not really into the old school dino kits anymore preferring the new ones. But you did a great job with this old boy! ;)
  21. Hi, Excellent job on the Conan kit. I reeally like the movement in it. Not static like so many (cough cought Ironman cough) styrene kits can be. I also 2nd the idea of the Fisher videos. They're great.
  22. Roktman

    Valiant Mermaid

    Very cool. I like the transition from the flesh tone to the "fish" tone. :D Also, great job with the coral!
  23. Hey Kev, Just saw this post - StarShip Modeler web store has a number of different sized nozzles available. http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....r-nozzle-ii.cfm http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....ozzle-small.cfm PLus more - http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index....ng-supplies.cfm HTH
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