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  1. Nice score! The FineMolds kits has awesome detail - and to be in The Scale of Kings? Excellent. ;) I'd like to see what you do with the fire truck. Despite being a firefighter for a long time, I never found myself drawn to building the rigs. But I like lookin' at 'em. ;)
  2. Nice build so far!! And looking over your should in some of the pics - you have quite the work area. I'm jealous!
  3. Cool idea. I like when a certain genre of model is taken out of it's usually environment and put into another. 2 Thumbs up from me. :)
  4. Lookin' great, Mark! In "real life" they are made of metal;and have "weaponry" so I guess they still could be armor... :P
  5. Thats Gil, Haha thats me - Offbeat. I actually have a narrow range of likes, but it's all out of the ordinary (for IPMS) stuff.
  6. Thanks Mark, Yep I've already started (almost finished actually) the two mini busts from Moon Devil studios. I'll have to take pics.
  7. Three very nice builds. And if you have proof of the different color scheme thats a definite plus!
  8. A very nice present to yourself - it looks terrific. It's good to see a model thats just lightly weathered for a change and not beat to sh*t. Happy belated Fathers Day BTW.
  9. Two excellent builds!! The biplane looks great even w/o the rigging. Nice job!
  10. Looking great so far. I'll be watching this thread. I love this plane.
  11. It's been a busy month or so for my wallet ... first is the new Badger primers called Stynylrez primers. Guys are raving about it on You Tube build videos - As far as kits I got a few busts from the Czech Co., 2dreamers. One is Gagarin, and the other Alexi Leonov - The next two is from Gillman Productions - Boris Karloff playing Ardeth Bay in The Mummy. And Fredric March's version of Mr. Hyde - (sorry for the crappy focus) Then there's a few mini busts done by John Dennett of Moondevil Studios. He has 20 of them now, and I picked up the 3 circled in the first row. The ones circled in purple are previous buys - Then sort of still in the Christmas spirit, I picked up Krampus from Aradia miniatures - Moving to vehicle kits, I picked up John Crichton's craft from Farscape from the SSM Store - then moving to Yamato 2199 I picked up another ship from the fleet - Finally is one of the new Bandai kits, Star Wars' A Wing - I better get busy building! :D
  12. FWIW, For those willing to experiment with acrylics, I've been using Vallejo paints for a year now and am very happy. I've switched over nearly all my paints to Vallejo. THey have their own color names but list the RLM, FA and RAL colors. The only caveat is their Model Color metallic paints are terrible, but they came out with a special line of metallics which I dare say rival Alclad...
  13. Sounds cool. I'll do my best to get a Flash Gordon kit and join in!
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Despite trying not to, every once in a while I have an oops that can't be changed. Why hise it? Whats done is done, and my me saying it it leaves others no where to go to point out my goof (yeah I've been hanging out at the other forum a long time). Honestly that the reason I like reading SAMI magazine. They have builders that build to the best of their ability not for perfection. On occasion you see not quite straight canopy railing painting, or maybe even a whole plane brush painted. Kind of a breath of fresh air to see not everyone is a pro.
  15. I was eager to build this model as it was the first one I ever built as a kid, prolly around 1967-68. This time it is put out by Round 2 but kept the retro Lindberg box - https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JAsrpNo9wmA/Vvlg1kLG7aI/AAAAAAAABhM/U792fduUg-sNcPuLpaujW7JQTMQdiCtPA/s320/001.JPG I hope it urns out better than when I was 7. After cleaning it up, I primed and preshaded the crap out of it (hehe) - The next day I assembled the craft. Boy, this was bringing back memories of me at the kitchen table with the newspapers put down and Mom making dinner. For whatever reason, when I'm painting white, to me, it's always a gray until it's too late. There's so many coats on it that I obliterated the preshading. Sigh Ugh did you see what I did? I put the 2 frames with the extra components on the same side.They are supposed to be on opposite sides... maybe I can't build it better than a 7 year old... But too late to change it. The little astronauts looked ok so I primed with black and then drybrushed the white uniform color over it. It was then that I "saw" all the flash. So I took an Xacto to the men and clean them up and repainted - While I was waiting for everything to dry, I took some spackle to the base, and as the spackle was drying I made craters with some sculpting tools - The tools - It it with some paint and it ended up like this - The center of the field really isn't white it's more of a light gray. The decals were very thick and I had to put slits in the star decal to get it to conform to the curve. The checkerboard decal also needed some help. I ended up giving it about 5 or 6 coats of Micro Sol to get them to sit down well enuff. Finally I glued the Moon Ship onto the base and then placed the astronauts. Thanks for looking.
  16. The variant list is long so I didn't copy it here. But her's the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_P-39_Airacobra#Variants
  17. The Frost Giant is one of a set of about a gazillion figures from the Blood Rage game's Kickstarter (a story for another time). Starting off with a primer, I once again fell into the trap of looking and not finding seams - From here, and the fact that he was from a Viking Game (singing the lyrics to Led Zep's Immigrant Song in my head right now) and decided since he's from the Land of Ice and Snow, he has to give an appearance of cold. So what I did was add a little blue to the colors I used. Here he is as of last night. Getting back to the seams - once I started painting the figure - yep, I started to see them. Sigh. I took off what I could, but I have to admit I left a few. Looking at the other Giants in the set, this one was the worst for seams. The rest should cause less headaches. Anyway, the hair and rock are finished, but the skin only has a base coat on it. I took the next two pic before giving it a shot of Dull Cote and calling it a night. As I'm painting a 3rd highlight I say to myself "If he's a Frost Giant, why is he so tanned?" So I broke out new colors and am calling the figure done with this rendition - - Next will be the base. I sawed of the round base, found another, but am waiting on some Z scale spruce trees that I got off eBay to finish up the vignette. I'll be back for the finale when the trees arrive. Thanks for looking.
  18. Wonderful job! Nice work on the skin painting. 9 tries at the eye? I hear ya on that. They look good!! One trick I learned is never make the figure look directly at the viewer. Have him look to either side, up or down, and the eye painting will be easier.
  19. Excellent build. Even more so since you had to scratch all the additional parts!
  20. Sad to see it go, but I must agree if there's no return, then it's not worth it. I must say that my son often took advantage of the MnT at a number of Nats and local shows and today he is 13 and is still building models. As a matter of fact since I build sci-fi and larger sized figures, at the past few Nats, he's actually come home with more kits than I do (be builds lots of armor and some aircraft). Also I must disagree with the silliness of "Snap Tites." When you're trying to get a 7 year old that wants to build, a lot of the regular kits have too many parts and showing him how to glue a sub-assemblies and **wait** for it to dry is the kiss of death. He was off to something else. I tried a simple glue kit when he was almost 9. No good. But with a "Snap Tite" showing him the proper way to cut the part off the sprue and sand the little nub that remains is enuff. And in a half hour he followed the instructions and the plane is built,and flying around the house. A two thumbs up success in my book. He wanted to graduate to glue kits when he was 10-11 after building all the Snap Tite planes they had to build. He's now doing a nice job of painting and weathering his tanks and even won an award at a local (NJ) show. Finally, being a Yankee from Noo Yawk, I too would have answered Merrimack. Oh well.
  21. Awesome job. I always have problems with the cheat lines on 1/72. ;)
  22. Roktman

    Heading home

    Nice job. I like him. FWIW, One hint with the face is to thin the paints, even if you need a second coat. The thin paints will lead to a smoother finish.
  23. You really brought out that soft detail. Awesome! All I hear about now is finecast, I didn't even know there was another version.
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