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  1. Just tried registering and getting my banquet tix. I fill out the page and when I hit (Add to Cart) nothing happens... I guess this needs some attention.
  2. A CGS Miniatures kit that comes in at about 1/9 scale. The likeness is very well done of Val Kilmer playing Doc Holiday in the movie Tombstone. Being y fav movie I had no problem watchng it again to see where Doc (who had a lot of wardrobe changes) had this outfit on. Pssst - it's when he meets up with Ringo toward the end... ;) I base coated the skin and outfit , I had to be careful. As Doc was sick (TB?)and also seemed sweaty, he didn't have the usual rosy complexion, so I tried not making him too healthy looking. In the end I dotted clear gloss on his face here and there for the sweat. But it didn't show up in the pics. His hat, scarf and vest were all black. To make the model not look like one black blob I used black and a few dark grays with washes and highlights to mix things up a bit. A few details here and there and I was done. Oh yeah I swapped out the resin "stone" base for an odd looking wooden plinth I had. Thanks for looking and CCs are always welcomed.
  3. Excellent paintup and top notch dio arrangement!
  4. WOW, looks great! Cool use of parts for the Mech, and the soldier out front gives it nice scale. The snowy ground work is also very well done.
  5. This is the ship that launch Crichton into deep space in the TV series Farscape.. Was a fairly simple build with surprising amount of detail in the cockpit. I busied it up by painting buttons various colors and adding buttons where there was none. - The build went smoothly until I got to the vac form canopy and the landing gear. The producers were kind enough to include 4 canopies. But all being the same, if one was too small, they all were. And yep the canopy was to small. I had to add a 2mm piece of styrene sheet to the front of the cockpit to bring it a bit closer. From there I filled the rest with the Microscale Kristal Klear. Of course this meant the piece of styrene needed to be sanded, filled and then a repaint to try and match it all up. The other problem was that I was given two starboard landing gear. After my frustration with the canopy, I just gave in and just installed the wrong landing gear in place backwards. When I get a cheap-o plane model, I'll swap out the landing gear. All in all I think it makes an ok "3 foot model" - it'll look good from 3 ft. away. Thanks for looking and CCs always welcomed.
  6. Thanks re: the Death Dealer. I heard word of it on the various YouTube modeling channels (being semi-disabled I spend way to much time in front of the computer) ;) There is also a guy on there that is building one. I think it was him that mentions the kit was sculpted by the terrific Yeagher. He's not doing it "live" but he shows the results after parts are glued. He too is lighting the eyes. So - peer pressure - I may *have* to do the same. LOL He did advise that the horse does need some clamps and filler to complete. But building short run resin models I not afraid of clamps and filler. :lol:
  7. I don't know how long they were in a store, but I had the bottles prolly less than 2 years - most likely a little more than a year. Gone bad, all 3 types (Flat Satin Gloss) dried as if I had applied a diluted white wash. It didn't matter if I applied the clear coat with an a/b or hand brush. I prolly have about 100+ other Vallejo bottles, and haven't found one other that "went bad". The paint rack is on the wall to the right and all but the bottom 3 rows are Vallejo paints - My hobby room is in the attic and is minimally climate controlled. So winters could be in the mid 50s and summers in the mid 90s (hmm, AC stays on and prolly stays more like high 70s/low 80s) while I'm not in there. Could the temps swings have aged the clear coats? The temp swings didn't affect the clear coats once sprayed on the models, and the temps swings didn't affect the regular paints. All in all it could just have been a bad batch. There's nothing that I can find on the Vallejo site, but then again their site is very "wordy." In the end when buying the new bottles, you get more (larger bottle), the bottle is now opaque (could the light thru the transparent bottle have aged it?) and the label has changed (while the wording essentially stayed the same). So time will tell. Will I say not to buy it? No. I really love the Vallejo range. HTH
  8. My mailman has been busy again - - Harry! Next is another original creation from Skink Haunt. He calls it Stalk Eyed Flies! Below is the box art IIRC I saw this on SAMI. I'm after the NASA markings Since I got C-47 decals, now I needed a C-47, thanks Mega Hobby - While I was at Mega Hobby, I saw they had Mobius' Death Dealer in the Whats News section - so - Finally I had to replace my Vallejo clear coats which seemed to have gone bad in the bottle -
  9. Roktman

    Alice and her cat

    Thanks guys. Oh yeah an Opti-visor has been a necessity for me for everything for a few years now. :smiley24: And with that I'll complain again that these minis have terrific subjects and awesome poses. Why cant they throw us "oldsters", who've prolly been doing mini since the old Ral Partha days, a bone and make a few in the 75 - 90mm size range. Not asking for a 1/8 - 1/6, but something a bit bigger. Sorry off the soap box now. ;)
  10. Needing a bit of a break from the larger sized models, I turned to little model I've had hanging around for a long time - Hasslefree's Alice. Modeled after Alice in Wonderland, she is shown with the Cheshire Cat. I wanted the painting to be simple and so it moved right along. The image is a little washed out, but she has a pink dress with a white apron, and the Cheshire is purple. I still have to come up with a base. Apologizes for the images, I only have my phone and can only get so close. Thanks for looking.
  11. Roktman


    Looks great. All those rivets are decals? WOW! Outstanding!
  12. I have a friend in OC, and has never mentioned Military Hobbies. I wonder if he knows about it ? (he's new back to the hobby). Where is it and I'll pass it on. Nice score by the way. I only wished I had a local store near me...
  13. Hey Duke, Nice grab at the model show. The smaller jets look awesome, especially since they're in the "Scale of Kings." LOL ;) Also congrats on all the raffle wins. WOW. In all the shows I've attended over the years I think I won once - and it was a 1:32 ejection seat. :unsure: Have no room for 1:32 unless I just built the seat. LOL
  14. Roktman

    Lost Boys David

    Thanks Bil. For Vallejo paints I'm supposed to spray at less than 20psi, but it you dial down the pressure to say - 5, the paint will start spitting in regular sized dots. So all I did was dial down and use the same color paint as the base color to create a faux texture. I saw this technique in one of David Fisher's Modelmania DVD's ;)
  15. Thanks guys. I can appreciate that Tony. I have a very eclectic palate and build all sorts of things. Being partially disabled I end of spending too much time on You Tube... finding all these *new to me* techniques. So better to try it out on the little figures rather than taking a big expen$ive kit, and then screwing it up. ;)
  16. Thanks for that. To be honest I've always had a big attraction for the older civilian planes - maybe from the teens thru the 30s ( I think I was born in the wrong half of the 20th century). So yep, I think you've convinced me to give it a shot. :)
  17. Nice Haul! Wow you're brave. I don't have the nerve for bi-planes, with the struts and rigging et al..
  18. Roktman

    Lost Boys David

    This kit was in my stash for so long I had to really look around the find out it was a Shawn Nagle sculpt from '96. The face sort of looks like Keifer Sutherland - not great, but not terrible. But looking at screen grabs from the movie, I found a number of discrepancies. Firstly he's wearing boots. All the screen grabs I've seen, he is wearing boots, but they are under the pants, not on top. That has to be fixed. Then I got a nice pic of a prop replica of his coat. The model has 4 buttons on each side of the overcoat. Umm, no. On the prop, the right side had only the 2 bottom buttons, the third one up is missing, and top one is replaced with some sort of metal badge. The left side had the same 2 bottom buttons, then the third button was replaced with a watch that was attached to the coat backward. In place of the top button was a medal. The medal was there, tho not exactly accurate. Close enough. The errant buttons need to be cut off and the other pieces need to be sculpted on. There is a leather jacket under the topcoat. The model has it with a zipper. I couldn't find any clear pics to indicate whether it had one or not. The prop replica says no, but I couldn't find any other clear images. I'm not a sculptor and figured I already had too much to do, so I left the zipper. Finally, David wore two different earrings at different points in the movie. The one he wore the most looked like a few folds of wire with a short length of fabric or leather in the bottom fold (the other was an earring with a tiny knife on the end). The model, had what looked like a short length of jewelry with a feather on the end. I thought, could that be a knife? No, it was a feather. So it was cut off too. Long story short, the earring got scratch built (tho a little hard to see in this pic) - For the base I scratch built the carton of worms/noodles and the clapboard sign. Then at a moment of "rivet counting" fervor I inserted some 0.01 solder wire into the coat to show where the missing button used to be... If you would like to see the WIP pics they are at http://kevtk.blogspot.com Thanks for looking (and all the reading).
  19. Sorry about your friend's health problem. Hopefully he'll improve soon. You're a good guy to take him out. Cool too that you may have gotten him back in to the hobby. The mailman has been busy dropping boxes off at my place again this week. First up is from Allen U. the Fantastic Plastic guy. He sells some of his older kits to raise $$ for his newest kit release. This time he had 4 or so on eBay, and I won this guy - Paleocraft is releasing some of his older kit's. It's an Eelasmotherium, a cousin of the Wooley Rhino - Getting back to Fantastic Plastic, here's a pre saucer style star-ship from Star Trek. I don't really build ST, b/c I'm tired of all the saucer ships. But this one I'll build. ;) Plus it's 1:144 so it'll fit in to the rest of my 1:144 rocket garden- Finally who can't use another Star Wars kit? If you haven't seen the newest movie, this guy was the comic relief in Rogue One -
  20. Thanks for the kind words, Gil. I hadn't heard of the kit or plane either until I saw it sitting on the Special Hobby (?) table at last years Nationals. It was the "extra" cockpit seating that drew my attention. But it's these smallish Co's where I find all my oddball offerings. And this resin kit was A LOT easier to build then say a Unicraft kit (who also has a plethora or oddball planes). ;) Cool idea about decals as frames for the canopy!
  21. I really gotta stop buying... :lol: This time around, with the upcoming release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I had to pick up Fantastic Plastic's Milano. It has a few problems, but it's the only Milano around... Bandai's Y Wing - Doesn't everyone need a few bottles of slime? Will come in handy for an upcoming dio... A new "discovered" (by me) miniatures site featuring this possible Ma.K entry - in 1:35 scale A closeup - Why do many of the vehicle operators in these Dystopian worlds seem to be women? ;) This just lends itself to an interesting diorama.
  22. Besides my love of sci-fi and horror movies and their models, I also have a fondness for X-Plane group of aircraft. This includes the planes categorized as Luft '46 planes. But both the x-planes and Luft '46 has to be looking "spacey" for me to build the model. If it just looks like another WW2 plane, well then, I'll let someone else build it. The P.170 is one of the aircraft designed in 1942. Although still rather odd-looking, the BV P.170 had a symmetrical basic structure unlike other Blohm & Voss projects of the time. The fuselage was cylindrical with the central engine located at the front end and the cockpit at the back end. The other two engines were located at both ends of the constant chord wing and their propellers turned in opposite directions. This plane was based on the Nazi propaganda concept for a Schnellbomber, a bomber so fast that it would be far faster than any enemy fighter aircraft threatening it. Therefore, providing it with defensive armament was deemed superfluous. Eventually, owing to other war-related priorities, as well as the new jet possibilities, the BV P.170 did not go into production. The model came from Planet Models, and is a very nice resin kit - The parts are in separate sections of a poly bag and while there is some flash. It's not as bad as some other short run kits. Where the kit falls short is in the instructions, especially showing exact parts locations, etc... I found this out almost right away while locating the radioman/bombardier seat location - The top of the canopy area went on and the wings went on with the help of some stringers made from paper clips. While close, there still needed to be some seam filling - There are two bombs that come with the kit and the holders are installed. The 3 landing gear are being built and I came across another hard time with the instructions. The diagram shows the support brace and a straight piece, but the parts show a triangular piece. Also one of the spars turns up missing so you can see one is made from brass tubing and paper clip. I'm finally getting a handle of the large size of the kit being it's only 1:72 scale!! Then I come across the next problem with the instructions when I go to close up the two "doors" at the bottom of the craft. Both pieces seem to be missing! After a bit of cursing, I take a break from that to give the vac form canopies a dip in Future and notice two additional windows. Those are the pieces - they aren't doors but windows! Problem solved but no where in the instructions does it give you the indication they are windows - Here we have the wheels and landing gear installed. Since those 2 parts were windows, they are still off as they got their dip. The gaps are filled with tissue while I primed the model - Giving the landing gear adequate time to dry and solidify, it's now can rest on it's 4 wheels. You can see the bottom of the engines have also been painted their yellow color (RLM 4). Thankfully Vallejo has RLM colors noted on the bottles, plus on a listing of compatible paints - Still being too chicken to tackle the vac form canopies, I went ahead and painted the splinter camo on the top (RLM 81 and 82), and the light blue (RLM76) on the bottom of the plane. Here I've also sprayed a gloss coat in preparation of the decals and weathering - I finally broke down and and tackled the canopies. Honestly, they were tough. The framework lines as well as the edges were NOT clearly defined and I ended up doing a lot of cutting and fitting and cutting and fitting. In the end, IMHO they turned out ok. It will make a good "3ft. model." It will look ok from 3ft. away. ;) LOL Next time, I'll finish it up with the bottom windows, and light weathering. Being no P.170's were made, I can't see a lot of weathering on them. Oh yeah, I will also have to paint the canopy frames. Yikes. Thanks for looking.
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