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  1. Ok, so I can't stop building them. This one is from Aradia Miniatures 75mm Dante Inferno collection.

    A very well done kit, but m,y love hate relationship with Aradia models is there's a certain order you need to assemble the parts, which they don't tell you. You only find out 2/3s the way thru when major sub-assemblies don't fit - hence the "broken" spear on the stone soldier...  Oh well...

    Alsio tried OSL again. Thanks for looking.





  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words.

    cheveuxroux:  I don't have any of those aircraft. I came to aircraft from the Sci-fi, and real space side of modeling. So I started looking for these far out looking aircraft, and it ended up being some of the wacky Luft '46, Prototype, and other aircraft that never made it off the drawing board.

  3. This is another throw back kit from Fantastic Plastic that I dug deep into my stash to pull out. The date on the instructions says 2008!  It's been out of production since 2011, but if you pay attention to the site, older models can come back for a brief engagement at any time. 

    The LRV from FP's site:


    In the early 1960s, the U.S. Air Force purportedly began development of a modified flying saucer-like airframe for use as a spaceborne nuclear weapons platform.  Dubbed the "Lenticular Re-Entry Vehicle" (LRV).  To be launched atop either a Saturn-like multi-stage rocket or one of the nuclear-powered rockets then under development, the LRV with its crew of four was to be launched into a 300-nautical-mile-high orbit where it would wait in "Fail Safe" mode for several weeks before either launching its nuclear weapons at the Soviet Union/China/North Korea or returning to earth.  Landing would be via controlled re-entry and a glide landing on a dry lake bed.

    Although this "Black Budget" project may never have gotten beyond the design stage, there is some physical evidence that prototype vehicles were indeed test-flown in the 1960s.  One such intriguing piece of evidence is a strange "honeycomb" cross-section of an exploded disc recovered near Brisbane, Australia in 1966.

    For a simple kit this one fought me every step of the way. The worst being the painting gods were tricksters watching me paint this, despite it just being black and white. Painting the black, I left it to dry, then turning it over to paint the white, I discovered a nic on the black. Let it all dry then going back to the black I see a scratch on the white... Grrr. There has to be at least 1000 😉 layers of paint on this thing. But in the end I came to a happy medium between it looking good and having some "wear."   Thanks for looking.




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  4. Another oldie but good from Fantastic Plastic!  From their site:

    In the mid-1950s, the U.S. Air Force flirted seriously with the idea of producing long-range strategic bombers powered by atomic energy.  The main advantage of such a weapon would be its ability to stay aloft for weeks at a time, thus serving as the aerial counterpart to the Navy's fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

    Jack Northrop, America's number-one proponent of "flying wing" aircraft, proposed several configurations for such an atomic-powered bomber.  The most exotic of these was an asymmetrical design that positioned the cockpit at the end of the port wing.  (German engineers had proved that asymmetrical designs were  completely airworthy more than a decade before.)  This configuration, while highly unconventional, had the advantage of putting the flight crew as far away from the nuclear reactor as possible while minimizing weight. 

    None of Northrop's concepts got farther than the concept stage.

    One of the wings was a little warped when I pulled it out of the box, but was easily remedied with a dip in almost boiling water. The only other problem I had was that no matter how much water flooded the decal, once it hit the model it stuck down fast.  I gave up after ruining on decal that went alongside the crew pod. All in all it was a nice build. Thanks for looking.




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  5. A few years ago I picked up a few of the old mini kits from Geo-Metric. As usual they got lost in the stash until I just found them again.  I don't think I've done the Hunchback since the days when I was a little kid building the Aurora kit.

     The kit comes in 4 resin pieces and two metal parts. It all came packed in two bags along with a pic of the finished model.


    In the pic, Quasi was holding on to the jester's "crown" the crowd gave him. My first problem was the the hand holding the crown was molded just like the other hand - with an open palm. I just received my new PE pliers and they were strong enough to bend the fingers enough without doing any damage. It's not a perfect grasp, but it'll do.


    Taking a break from cleaning up the model, I took a look at the vignette. It comes with a disc that doesn't quite fit under the ledge with gargoyle, and then the arch was just left open behind the figure. I took some trusty foam, and cut out a wall, and also added a spacer to make it not feel like the wall was just blocked up. Didn't do to well on that, but at least there's a solid background now.


    Turning back to Quasi, he got his base coat of tan and then my usual Beige Red for the skin color.  Looking it up Charles Laughton had blue eyes, and so I did those. But the figure is really too small to make out an eye color once the pupil was put in.


    The image had him wearing a light green tunic with dark green tights, his shirt was some sort of beige,  and brown shoes. Laughton also was said to have sandy brown hair so I tried to mimic that.  With that done I gave his shirt a wash with some Citadel Green shade. Looking at the pic of the crown the colors looks to be red and blue. Finding other pics online - altho B&W, the actually crown part seemed to be a shiny metal. So I broke out V's Duraluminum, and washed it with Nuln Oil to darkened the details.


    One shade darkening to the recesses of the skin and then 3 highlights later, I was done. I had previously drilled holes in the gargoyle for the pins I had in his feet and I was done. It was then I saw that he was looking no where with his good eye. So I got some V's Ivory, Azure, and Black and gave him a new place to look - at the viewer.




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  6. This kit brings back a LOT of memories as I did a few of them in my early teen years. I remember at the time, that I thought it was the best paint job I ever did - most likely with those gloppy Testors enamel paints.  🤪

     Anyway this was re-released by Round 2 and is 1:12 scale. Comes with a few sprues of parts and then the deck planking in 2 big sheets. I also comes with a large  sheet of decals.  


    Starting right in I gave all the parts a coat of Stynylrez tan primer. There was some flash and the deck and box parts had a slight warp to them, but nothing serious. Things went so smoothly I even used the primer as the base color and started in with some Vallejo Dark Brown Wash.


    My first mistake was painting the skeletons so dark. I knew I wanted them aged. But this was too much. Took a lot to get them to a dark ivory or sand color.


    The seam down the two sides of the cannon was tough to get rid of. So I solved the problem by dabbing on some Tamiya putty. Got rid of the seam lines and also help the gun have that cast look. My plan was to paint it a mix of deep green and black, then dry brush some bronze over that. I added some of Citadel's verdigris paint here and there.  


     It was then a matter of painting and washing a LOT of wood grain. Only the standing skeleton had color call outs for his clothes, so I just closed by eyes and picked a color for the guy in the box. I wanted them dusty dirty, so I added some gray to the colors to bring down the color value.  But I also ended up with some brown pigment to get them even more dusty. The Standing pirates shirt had decals for stripes, but I just did them by hand.

    Speaking of decals they were VERY thick. The standing guy had a headband in addition to the bandana. But the decal was so thick that even after 4 or 5 coats of Micro Sol, I couldn't get it to snug down. so I just pulled it off.  The other place I had a problem was the decals in the squares of the box lid. They too just wouldn't snuggle down into the wood grain. I the end I had to make a lot of slits in the decal film and it still wasn't perfect. Good idea to keep the box lid open. 😉 The map also had a decal, but I didn't want to sand down all the raised detail, so I just painted the map by hand as well.

    With that I was done. Thanks for looking.  





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  7. This is a 1:48 scale All Terrain defense Pod from Yay Monsters. Super easy to build and paint. Thanks for looking.

    Almost done.

    The painting session was also a no brainer. I did look at the Yay site to see what they did, if anything about the painting. I just didn't want it to be this tall skinny white or gray thing. Looking they had little rectangles painted on it as a sort of camo - good enuff!

    After the white paint base coat, I cut out a smallish rectangle in a small piece of cardboard and started spraying. I ended up using 3 colors of gray. Their rectangles were smaller, but that's OK, I'm happy with mine.

    After that I saw a video by this guy (I forget his name now) on You Tube where he used a straight piece of cardboard to imitate panel lines. So I added some of that too.

    Finally taking after the weathering lessons from the You Tube channel Night Shift, I went about added dirt and scratches etc...

    When this was all done, it looked - too much. I always thought that the Empire would have taken better care of their vehicles, so  especially up top, I mist coated some more white over everything.

    The vehicle is finished. A small base will be added asap. Thanks for looking.



  8. In an attempt to enlarge my Medusa collection I picked up the offering from Greenwell Studio quite a while ago. Looking for something to build, I dug deep and pulled this out of my stash pile.  First thing I noticed was that her snakes were really tentacles. OK... Close enuff, lets get on with it. In the kit there were 3 tentacles that had to be glued on to the head, with no readily apparent place for them. First job was to find an old pic that gave me a clue.


    Base colors started -


    Working on the tentacles -

    Didn't like the purple on the tentacles, and also changed a few other things. Worked on the eyes and of course goofed one of them up. The R eye is a two timer. 😉 But all done.





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  9. Nah, I didn't get anything. I bought this 54mm mini from Aradia Miniatures last Fall, and then promptly lost it in my stash. I found it a week ago and thought I better build it before it goes missing again. LOL

    I did learn an important lesson. With these kits that are seemingly designed on a computer and then printed, the tolerances are extremely small. The kit gives no instructions, but it MUST be assembled in a certain order.  I should have added the reindeer's reins *before* I sat Santa in the seat. Once Santa was glued in place there was no way to slip the reins past his belly.  The second oops was I should have put the stick and presents on his should *before* I put his hat on. I thought I could slip the stick over the shoulder and under the hat - - no way.  

    So, from now on I'm going to dry fit the entire kit together *before* I start gluing anything. 


  10. Looks really good!  Eyes are incredible had to get straight. Most will suggest that you never have figures looking straight ahead, but off to the side.  Yours isn't bad at all. Maybe use the sclera color to take a tiny bit off the inside part of the iris, and then add that stroke to the outside and you're there. 

  11. 4 hours ago, ghodges said:

    Very cool camo scheme and interesting build! Good job on overcoming the engineering deficiencies! That's one of those "paper airplanes" I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing!


    Gil :smiley16:


    A lot of these what if  "discoveries" I find somewhere in the pages of SAMI - whether a build or just an announcement for a new model.  Nothing new and weird this month tho... 😉

  12. I pulled this one out of the stash as it looked like a quick build. Yikes was I wrong. Tho the kit looked good while on the sprue - no flash, delicate panel lines etc...


    It had one big flaw. Being a jet you see a rounded intake and exhaust. But the top of the plane is nearly flat. So all the rounded supports on top need to be cut away. I didn't want to just cut it all away, so it became cut a bit, try a fit, cut some more, try a fit... Ugh.   I got the front and rear all set but it still wouldn't close up.  Then I discovered that with the engine running straight thru the plane and  the cockpit off set, the kit puts the cockpit and wheel well one over the other. This means I need to break out the dremel again and carve down both components. Tho it didn't need it, I added some of those Liquid Gravity beads. 



    Finally it was time to combine halves and get some paint on. Since no prototype existed, they offered two variations of '46 German colors, a US capture scheme as well as a soviet scheme. I chose one of the German ones.


    Adding a few other details, like the wheels,  I was done. Thanks for looking.



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  13. Thanks, guys!

    Gil: It was a new one on me too. I make these "finds" from the pages of SAMI magazine. sometimes someone will do a build - tho they do a lot of joking 😠 about Luft '46 and other "never was" planes. But mostly I catch them in their reviews pages. A lot of the time it's a tiny pic of the box art and a few sentences. But enough to catch my attention and head me to eBay, where I usually find a number of offerings.

  14. Always on the lookout for the obscure, odd or prototype planes, I found this little gem on the pages of SAMI where the kit was being reviewed.  Having gotten these models few times this way, a quick trip to eBay, and I had a choice of a number of these kits.
    The Sam-13 (Cam-13)  was designed in pre-war Russia, and based around Renault 6 cylinder engines. One prototype was built. But this was destroyed as the Soviets fell back against the German invasion of the eastern front. The design was never revisited.

    It came with 2 sprues of gray plastic, one (mostly) clear canopy, a fret of PE, and a small sheet of decals. There was a few oops' along the way but all in all it was a fun kit.


    The instructions are the typical exploded views, where the exact location of some parts are hard to determine.  The other issue with the kits was that the plastic was pretty fragile. I broke the back off the seat off twice, by apparently leaning on it too heavily.

    There were no locator pins so the parts wanted to wander until the glue set up. 


    It wasn't mentioned but with that rear boom, I didn't want to take any chances, and added Liquid Gravity to keep it from being a tail sitter. 


    The horizontal tail fin was a tight fit, and I should have done something about it.  While it was drying, it popped out a little on one side and the glue dried that way. 😞 Lesson learned.  Also after folding a piece of semi-large PE it jumped, hit the ground and was eaten. I actually laid on the floor looking for it to no avail. 😞


    With no specific color call outs I used what I had. The gray was Vs Sky Gray and the blue was RLM 24. I did blacken the panel lines a bit with Vs NATO Black. The real plane was wooden so I left it with a matte clear coat.

    Sitting the canopy on the plane, I was amazed to see that the canopy was a perfect fit - until it came time to glue it on the the fuselage. What happened? 😞


    After adding the landing gear I called it done. Thanks for looking. 



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