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  1. Yes, mostly Vallejo air and color. Sometimes the gunze acrylics. I think I run around 15psi, maybe a tad higher. Normally I don't get spitting unless I'm trying to get the last ... little  ... bit of paint. Self inflicted. :)

    I sprayed the parts for each assembly step separately so it was kind of a repetitive drill working with the airbrush. (Think exercises with a musical instrument.)  And since most of the colors were mixes I could introduce a little variation as the build progressed.

  2. Did a little more blending and toned down the eyes a bit. 

    It saved some class time that they partially assembled the figure and primed it beforehand, but that made it difficult to get paint into a few areas. I would have preferred to airbrush some of the parts, but brushing everything turned out OK.  I'm happy with it, putting it in the case, and going back to the Airfix P-40 that's half-done.

    The main thing I got out of the class was to not agonize over the "correct" color and just mix the color I wanted/needed. And hand brushing paint works just fine like it always has. 

    Post-class I learned to not drink a bunch of coffee before detail painting... 🙂

  3. Wasn't really a problem...she was probably trying to get the Presidential Suite and one of you guys already had it booked for you and twenty of your closest friends. 🙂   We have suites at the Staybridge at the other end of the convention center.  She's more interested in a certain kind of room than whatever the blocked-rate is and probably got two or three since she said she was thinking about flying in the kids for a couple of days.

    I'm not going to complain--how many wives say they're going to make reservations when you happen to mention that the website for the show is up.  Or worry that you might not feel well when you come back from the vendor rooms empty-handed.  I love my wife. 🙂


  4. All masking off now. Not as good as I wanted, but better than expected. I have to keep reminding myself this is supposed to be a fun oob build and not pitch it in the brake fluid to strip it down. :)

    I'm going to let it cure for a few days and then see what I can touch up. Probably smooth up everything and coat with a clear gloss. Then those decals...


  5. Hopefully, this is my last coat of sea blue. I have a feeling my leading edge masking isn't going to pan out, but we'll see.  With some white for the camera to work with, this picture has the sea blue looking more normal-ish.  And examining the picture I see a nice seam line on the right-wing fuel tank that I didn't pick out during the prime. sigh.


  6. It's Vallejo Glossy Sea Blue.  I noticed that tint in the picture, but I think being shiny it was reflecting the inside of the paint booth. Or my cell phone camera just didn't get the color balance right. Sitting on my desk, it doesn't look gray at all--more navy blue, almost black when the desk lamps aren't on.

    Next picture I'll plop it on some white paper.... :)


  7. Worked on seams off and on all week. Reattached a stabilizer I knocked loose, etc etc, the usual comedy of errors...

    Last night decided I was ready for another primer coat. (Using Mr Surfacer 1000 in a can.)  Last time I sprayed this primer I had stuck a bamboo stick up where the tail hook sits, but I was a little afraid that hook assembly was going to break out. So I glued some scrap sprue into the front wheel well.  That handle worked quite lovely.

    Of course, the sprue and plane parted ways when I was basically done and just inspecting for anything I might have missed.  The kit headed towards the nastiest surface in the vicinity--the paint booth filter. (I think that's a Law of the Universe.)

    I dropped the Lensmen kit I was building a few years ago at about the same stage of construction. Hopefully not a harbinger of things to come...



  8. Alright...my first big mistake. :)

    Acrylic primers (and paints for that matter) adhere mechanically so they need a surface they can key/lock into.  I suspect a large amount of the bad press acrylic primers get is due to failing to prepare the surface.  So knowing that and even thinking I needed to knock the shine off this old-school blue plastic, I shot an acrylic primer coat straight onto that shiny smooth plastic.

    It actually stuck fairly well where it could, but I knew it was going to end up being a problem, so time to practice wet sanding.  At least I'm getting the raised panel lines knocked down a little. And for some unknown reason, I like wet sanding...

    To my eye, the Banshee has always had that ungainly, but graceful look to it. Kind of like a swan I guess.


  9. Started this one in the fall while undergoing radiation, so decided it's up next while I'm on a roll. I'm doing this one strictly OOB. Reviews indicated it went together well considering its age and so far no coronary-inducing issues. Hopefully, the old decals will cooperate...



  10. I actually had some Panzer Putty here (over-priced Silly Putty I suspect), but it had hardened up.  I'll definitely be trying some Silly Putty in the future, but I'd like to master the liquid masking--I can see situations where it will be useful. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm with it. :)

    And while cleaning up my work-bench to get to the next project, I found my air-launched and missing shackle. Yay.


  11. So using varnish (at least the Vallejo acrylic) as an adhesive appears to have limited use. Something really light and won't be under any tension/pressure would probably be OK.

    And I've run out of parts I'm willing to mess with and not motivated enough to shoot another flat coat, so it's done. Forgot to push down one of the rear shackles before the picture, but didn't feel like taking the picture over. It's only a friction fit. One of the front shackles is somewhere on my floor...maybe it will turn up one day. :)

    One down, several thousand to go...




  12. As expected, the liquid masking was a bear, but I think it's just a matter of keeping after it--so I'll do some messing around on junk parts in the future.  Using a bunch seems to work better than laying it thin.  A gloss coat, decals, some washes, and a flat coat. Still need to add all the exterior odds and ends and some paint touch-up. I can smell the finish line and it's not just atomized airbrush cleaner...


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