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  1. Finished my Fujimi Phantom FG.1 XT864/007 today. Shown is "007" as she appeared in early December 1977 as a member of 892 Squadron deployed on HMS Ark Royal. The kit is a fairly decent replication, but there are a few nice additions, like rubber wheels, and multiple version capability with the decals.


    As many know, the primary role of the FG.1s was fleet defence, which consisted at that time of numerous flights to intercept the Soviet Tu-95s as they roamed the North Atlantic.


    "007" is depicted on station, ready, armed and about to go "Hunting for Bear".














  2. Just completed today is my PZL-37B(I) Łoś (Polish: "Moose") of the Polish Air Force, September 1939. The kit is the 1/72 Plastyk (ex Poland) and the aircraft depicted is "10/72.54" which I was able to copy with the few pictures available, as no aircraft of the type survive today. If you are not familiar with the Łoś , it was one of the most modern bombers in the world before WW2, due to having a laminar-flow wing, and its internal wing bomb bays. I have attached several pictures, including a picture of the Łoś next to a Bf110 to compare size. Enjoy! - Adam












  3. Ok, I am looking for some help on this one...


    I have an A4305 Testors airbrush which was a replacment from about three years ago. I know I clean it as best as I can, but quite simply, its as clean as I can get it, but it appears about worn out.


    Does anyone know what the current situation is on warranty and replacement of these things? I like the airbrush, so its either buy a new one, or send it back.


    Any feedback is welcome.


    Thank you.



  4. Looking good Clare. I too am building a little bi-plane, the Hawker Demon. I've got it painted now so I know what you're going through. Gonna apply the decals soon I hope. Keep plugging man, you're almost home!



    Guys - who makes the Demon? Sounds like an early 1/72 Airfix in a bag....?



  5. Congratulations Rodolfo - the face looks good in particular. Well done..


    If you are ever coming to McAllen in la Frontera, please feel free to contact our Chapter:

    "IPMS Rio Grande Valley Modelers".



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