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  1. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. It was a fun build. I'll try the Italeri and/or the Matchbox next perhaps.. Adam
  2. Just finished today is my Westland Wessex HAS.1 XS873/523/PO built from the old Frog kit in 1/72. The kit was built OOB but with steel antennas on the fuselage and the tail. The wires were added using EZline, and the decals came from multiple sources. This helicopter came into service in 1966, and spent time based at the Portsmouth Naval Base, and now resides outside (and fading) at the East Midlands Aeropark, Leicestershire, England. The kit was easy enough to build, and then the work of course is trying to make it all better. I think I did a good job with it, but most of all I was able to learn more about the Wessex, which inspired me to look at more of them sometime in the modelling future. Special thanks to Paul Bradley for providing the "hard to find" couple of decals that I needed. Below is a few pictures of the kit, and of the machine today. This build adds to my growing collection of Royal Navy helicopters. Enjoy/Cheers all Adam
  3. Always wanted to see that built. Well done!
  4. Always wanted to see that built. Well done!
  5. Silver undercoat!!!! now thats why its always great to chat on the forums.. you guys are right - thats the best undercoat... Alclad here I come... Thanks AC
  6. Painting sequence background: model is dark blue all over... is going to have an international orange nose. Plan: to get the full effect of the orange: I am sure orange over dark blue will not work, therefore, I should mask the area being painted orange and paint that area with white (over the blue) then the orange over the white should work... Correct? Thanks in advance. AC
  7. Don't worry - it will come. No more than 3 weeks... AC
  8. Hi all. Question: Back in the late 80's, there was a company called "C-Scale" who put out a white metal conversion set for the Airfix Westland Scout 1/72 kit. One set converted a Scout to a Wasp, and another was a weapons set for a Scout with AS-11 ATGWs and skid mounted MG's. I think there was a roof mounted sight for the ATGWs too. Anyone remember these sets/ideas on who to try to find them from? AC
  9. .....Gulp..... I think maybe a 1/48 RAF Tornado F3 - 1435Flt. Falkland Islands, or a Rhodesian AF 1/48 "Cheetah.. or a...
  10. Thank you. No rivets to speak of. The surface details were just the panel lines. All in the right place, so just smoothed them down. AC
  11. Question: How do I get a subscription to the International Air Power Review Magazine? Is their any discount for IPMS members or anything like that? Thanks in advance.. AC
  12. Totally shaggingly hot baby!! Congratulations! AC
  13. Hi all. Just finished today - a 1/72 Westland Lynx HAS.2 built OOB in the markings of 700sq Fleet Air Arm, RNAS Yeovilton ca. 1978. The kit was from a 1982 rebox, and I'm thinking the decals were original, and most of them shattered on contact. Anyway, I had enough spares to cover all the others so she can look the part. As the Lynx is an early first production version, and carries a pair of Mk.46 Torpedoes. The kit shows its age, but still builds into a good depiction of arguably the fastest helicopter designed, and one of the few that can do a complete roll. She differs from the Army version by being equipped with a tricycle undercarriage and a deck restraint systems, folding main rotor blades, an emergency floatation system and a nose-mounted radar. Enjoy! AC
  14. "Shake, add glue, throw in sandpaper, shake, pour in primer, shake, paint, add water, shake, add decal softener, and done." I love these kits. Nice Job - looks great! Congratulations. AC
  15. Airfix 1/72 Westland Lynx HAS. 2 (very early version) OOB from ca. 1978. Overall Oxford Blue with white numbers. Just the thing with old decayed decals and a spares box visit! She looks great though in her semi-gloss, with 9 decals, 2 nose radio antennae, and the overhead windows yet to be added. Something like this: Adam
  16. I have a couple of pictures, but they are probably not clear enough for a modeler. You may find thesebelow of some use...(apologies if you already had them) AC
  17. Actually no, "Phooey" had bad landing in Labuan and was destroyed, I believe around May 1945. There are still about 8 Boomers in Museums and flying however.
  18. Latest model built… This is a CA-13 Mk II Boomerang (A46-195), named "Phooey" of No. 4 Squadron (Code: QE) the Royal Australian Air Force depicted in Labuan, Indonesia in early 1945. The kit is the old LTD Models 1/48 scale and is built out of the box. The color scheme is a faded Foliage Green, and is shown with the white wing ID markings and fitted with a belly fuel tank. For those not familiar with the Boomerang, it was an early war fighter, made obsolescent by 1943, and then used in the ground attack/liaison role in mountain jungle areas due to their nimble size, speed and ability to maneuver under such conditions. They were taken out of service in 1946. The model was not easy, but in the end, I think it depicts a good example of a "Boomer" AC
  19. Just completed a build of the Resin KMR 1/35 Fiat Ansaldo CV.35. The machine is in Hungarian markings ca. 1943/44. Fitted with 2 x 8mm FIAT guns. The kit is built OOB, and is quite a task. I'm sure that the new Bronco kit is better. I added some heavy weathering, battle and traffic damage in a few places to the running gear, a few bits of brass and generally tried to pick up the overall finish. Though its not really a kit for shows, I think it looks like an example of a somewhat rare tank and its cool to see something esoteric out there now and again. enjoy! AC
  20. Thank you - Yes, I got to Hub Hobby and Scale Model Supplies. I enjoyed Scale Model Supplies especially, with the old kits, and definitely that "old model shop" effect. Good to know I hit the right places. Regards AC
  21. Hi all. Can anyone recommend hobby shops in the Minneapolis area? I am heading that way for a few days work next week. I recall from a while back that there was a "Classic" type hobby shop called (I think) "Richland hobbies"... does that still exist? Any others that have old kits, decals... you know, like a non-corporate type.. Thanks in advance. Adam
  22. Had an Introspective hobby moment tonight.... while obsessing about the lack of detail in my current 1/48 scale build of a CAC Boomerang.. I had been pondering for weeks how/if/was I possibly missing something. I assumed I had no references, and the internet was not quite there on what I needed.. solution: heck, look in all the hundreds of Scale Aviation Modeler International copies that I have at home, and sure enough (and then I also remembered)..a full feature from Richard Caruana in 2000.. ...opened the binder covered copies from that year...and all was solved. Now I know why I buy all the books and magazines, and why I also need a system to remember them.. I am sure that I am not alone! AC
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